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Cost Function Determination for a WIG in Predefined Path and Height Using Conjugate Gradient Method

© 2020 IEEE.Wing in ground effect vehicles (WIG) is the sort of land and water capable of flying right upfront closeness of ground, utilizing the streamlined association between the wings and the ground (Ocean or Earth surface). The ground impact (GE) is the expansion in power, which is following up on a lifting surface or wing when it approaches the closeness of the ground. It expands its effectiveness in 3-4 times. In this paper, a mathematical model including GE, optimal design, gravity, climatic impacts, mass inactivity, forces, and moments is found and applied to the WIG. Nonlinear six degrees of freedom (6DOF) dynamical model is then executed in MATLAB/Simulink. Then, autopilot structures were installed with cascaded PID controllers. Using the auto-Tuning feature of MATLAB, our results show that the mathematical model represented in the paper can utilize effectively for autopilot applications.