Kktc. Odtü. Kampüsü Akdeniz Araştırmaları Merkezinin Faaliyetlerini Artırma Ve Geliştirme Projesi.
Yalvaç, Faruk(2012-12-31)
Evolution of Iranian energy sector before and after the nuclear deal of 2015
Zengin, Dilara; Tanrısever, Oktay Fırat; Department of Middle East Studies (2017)
This thesis examines development of energy sector and policy in Iran, which holds fourth largest oil reserve and second largest natural gas reserves of the world, from discovery of oil in the country in 1908 to the present. The study first provides a historical background of energy resources in the country. It mainly focuses on the discovery of reserves and use of oil, natural gas, nuclear and other resources. The thesis then analyzes Iran’s energy sector and its policy during the period of nuclear-related ...
Principles for the conservation of depopulated rural heritage sites: the case of Dereköy on Gökçeada (Imbros)
Diker, İrem; Serin, Ufuk; Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Department of Architecture (2022-5-09)
Depopulation is among the most crucial problems affecting rural landscapes in Turkey and around the world. Rural landscapes, formed over time as a result of the interaction between nature and human beings, have gradually lost their populations for a number of reasons. The built environment is primarily altered in abandoned areas due to neglect and dilapidation, resulting in the eventual destruction of cultural assets, whilst the natural landscape reverts to wilderness, its infrastructure also fatally compro...
Nükleer füzyon reaktör problemlerinin sınır elamanlar yöntemi ile çözümü
Sezgin, Münevver Tezer; Neslitürk, Ali İhsan; Aydın, Selçuk Han(2007)
Multi-criteria decision making in site selection for nuclear power plants
Tuncer, Berna; Dener Akkaya, Ayşen.; Department of Statistics (2019)
Nuclear energy is an important alternative energy source. However the construction of nuclear power plants (NPP) requires the consideration of various factors, such as environmental, economic, socioeconomic, health and safety. Accordingly, selection of the most suitable site for the construction of a nuclear power plant yields to a multi-criteria decision making problem. Seismic hazard, environmental conditions, population, health hazards, availability of water resources (for cooling purposes) are among the...
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