Gentrification in Istanbul: a diagnostic study



Gentrification in Fener Balat neighborhoods: the role of involved actors
Eken, Tuğçe; Ataöv Demirkan, Anlı; Department of City and Regional Planning (2010)
Gentrification emerged as a middle-class interest in renovating houses in old city cores. The process changed in parallel with the economic and political restructuring during the last decade. In this period, urban regeneration became an urban strategy used by the local governments as well as a mask for gentrification. It aimed at restructuring the urban land in line with the preferences of wealthier groups rather than the social needs of existing residents. The governments intend to remove poor images of ci...
Urban Oblivion: An Evaluation of Urban Conservation Approaches in terms of Geo-cultural Identity in the Case of Jewish Quarter of Ankara
Nalçakar, Elif Merve; Büyükcivelek, Ahmet Burak; Department of City Planning (2021-6)
Cultural identity, whether it is physical or not, whether it is concerning a relatively specific community or the society as a whole, is worth protecting for future generations. Planning as a primary tool for conserving an urban place within the considerations of historical values based on both built environment and social structure, constantly manifests itself with conflicts in terms of retaining the cultural identity. Yet, integrating the cultural identity as a crucial aspect for urban conservation approa...
Suburbanization in Turkey within the process of integration to global development and a new life-style settlement
Erişen, Oya; Tuna, Numan; Department of Architecture (2004)
This study aims to analyze the emergence and evaluation of a new type of suburbanization in Türkiye, which are concomitant with the rise of new middle class having a high purchasing power. It examines different urbanization and suburbanization processes in various societies and demonstrates that the suburbanization of Türkiye does not exactly fit in these models. Such a suburban expansion is taking place under the prevailing impact of political economy in the world and leads to a social segregation within m...
Smartization of Urban Neighborhoods: A Case Study in Ankara
Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira (2017-09-14)
Suburbanization and a suburban community in Turkey : the case of Bahçeşehir
Danış, Aslı Didem; Ayata, Sencer; Department of Sociology (2001)
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