Performance monitoring on the excavability of dragline - a case study

A thorough research on excavability of draglines at TKI Tungbilek Mine has been started consisting of determination of the excavability of the marl formation under diflerent excavation conditions such as blasted, unbiasted and spoil heap material. A particular monitoring system has been developed for this purpose. The digging, fuli and empty operations both time wise and energy wise can be monitored in full cycle. The monitoring system has 16 channel recording capacity with a 60kllz sampling rate The response of machine excavability against digging conditions are charactensed by armature voltage and armature current values of drag, horst and swing motors. Energy consumptron of each motor has been calculated. Finally, specific and trme normalized digging energies are presented in each cycle for different digging conditrons In this paper, emphasise is given both on the monitoring system and the results obtained.
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C. Karpuz, “Performance monitoring on the excavability of dragline - a case study,” Calgary; Canada 31 October - 04 November 1995, 1995, p. 1017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: