Hsiung-nu Social History



Hsiung-nu Political History
Dietrich, Richard (2018-07-01)
Hsiung-nu Cultural History
Dietrich, Richard (Humanities Institute, 2018-07-01)
Examples of Hsiung-nu art come almost exclusively from archaeological excavations of Hsiung-nu burials. As a result, our knowledge of Hsiung-nu art is restricted to works produced for the Hsiung-nu elite and made from materials (metals) that can survive for centuries buried in the earth.
Li-ion Battery Modeling and Battery Management: A Case Study on Renault Fluence ZE
Sayn, Ali Abdullah; YÜKSEL, İbrahim (2011-09-10)
Nowadays the popularity of the Electric Vehicles (EV) has increased more than ever. The "green" trend and the oil dependent automotive industry's strong will to find alternative energy resources are taking a big part in bringing the EV projects to life. Most of the carmakers devote significant budgets for developing this technology which had been partially industrialized at the end of 19th century. However, there are still some difficulties to industrialize the EVs due to the unsatisfactory level of battery...
Chinese nation-building and sun yat-sen : a study on 1911 revolution in China
Ergenç, Ceren; Eralp, Yakup Atila; Department of International Relations (2005)
The intellectual and political roots of present-day China lie in the late imperial era and the transition to modern statehood. As the last chain of the thousands years of dynastic rule in China, the Qing Dynasty ended in 1911 with a revolution. Even though the Republican regime was immediately established after their revolution, it took three decades until thenew government (People̕s Republic of China) achieved full sovereignty on the territory. The thesis argues that the 1911 Revolution is a major turning ...
Yisitanbuer: Miansha xia de qiqiu zhi cheng
Boyar, Ebru; Guokuan , Yu; Yongmei, Gong (Cambridge University Press- Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House, 2018-04-01)
The Chinese translation of A Social History of Ottoman Istanbul, with Kate Fleet (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010)
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