Plane wave decomposition with regularization using a single rotating microphone

Plane wave decomposition (PWD) is an effective method for the analysis of sound fields. The use of spherical and circular microphone arrays with PWD has been well studied. In this paper, it is shown that PWD is also possible by using the recordings from a single rotating half-cardioid microphone. The microphone output is considered as the matrix product of the rotated polar pattern of the microphone and the pressure field. It is shown that this equation can be solved for the pressure values of a virtual circular microphone array if the microphone used has a half-cardioid polar pattern. It is then possible to apply a new weighting function to the virtual microphones for PWD. Regularization is used to overcome singularities in the solution. The method has been tested both for simulated and for actual recordings.
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B. Günel Kılıç, H. Hacıhabiboğlu, and A. Kondoz, “Plane wave decomposition with regularization using a single rotating microphone,” presented at the AES 30th International Conference on Intelligent Audio Environments, 15 - 17 Mart 2007, 2007, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: