Plane wave decomposition with regularization using a single rotating microphone

Plane wave decomposition (PWD) is an effective method for the analysis of sound fields. The use of spherical and circular microphone arrays with PWD has been well studied. In this paper, it is shown that PWD is also possible by using the recordings from a single rotating half-cardioid microphone. The microphone output is considered as the matrix product of the rotated polar pattern of the microphone and the pressure field. It is shown that this equation can be solved for the pressure values of a virtual circular microphone array if the microphone used has a half-cardioid polar pattern. It is then possible to apply a new weighting function to the virtual microphones for PWD. Regularization is used to overcome singularities in the solution. The method has been tested both for simulated and for actual recordings.
AES 30th International Conference on Intelligent Audio Environments, 15 - 17 Mart 2007


Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar for Range Detection
Kaya, Tevfik; Sahin, Enes Burak; Nesimoglu, Tayfun (2018-11-02)
In this paper, a Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar is built using radio frequency techniques. Radar can measure the nearest object's range from 2 to 30 meters with 1-meter range resolution. The design process was carried out by using computer-aided design techniques, and mathematical tools. The hardware prototype was built and measurements were carried out confirming successful operation of the range detection radar.
Frequency domain computation of turbofan exhaust noise radiation
Ulusoy, Yavuz Barbaros; Özyörük, Yusuf; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2006)
In this study, acoustic noise radiation through a duct in frequency domain is analyzed. Frequency domain linearized Euler equations are solved for turbofan exhaust noise propagation and radiation. The geometry in studied cases is assumed as axisymmetric. The acoustic waves are decomposed into periodic azimuthal modes. Characteristic boundary conditions, and buffer zone boundary conditions are employed. Iterative type pseudo time integration is employed. Nonuniform background flow effect on the radiation pat...
Electromagnetic target classification of small-scale aircraft modeled by conducting wire structures using a natural resonance based feature extraction technique
Ersoy, Mehmet Okan; Sayan, Gönül (2005-12-01)
The problem studied in this paper is the design of an electromagnetic target classifier for small-scale aircraft targets by using a natural resonance based feature extraction technique supported by feature fusion. The aircraft targets are modeled by perfectly conducting straight thin wire structures and the electromagnetic fields back-scattered from targets are numerically generated. This technique uses the Wigner-Ville distribution (WD) and the principal component analysis (PCA). The technique is applied t...
Frequency-domain prediction of turbofan noise radiation
Özyörük, Yusuf; Alpman, E; Ahuja, V; Long, LN (2004-03-05)
This paper describes a frequency-domain numerical method for predicting noise radiation from ducted fans, including acoustic treatment and non-uniform background flow effects. The method solves the Euler equations linearized about a mean flow in the frequency domain. A pseudo-time derivative term is added to the frequency-domain equations so that a time marching technique can be employed to drive the acoustic field to steady state explicitly. This approach makes distributed parallel computing more viable fo...
Multi-Mode Pushover Analysis with Generalized Force Vectors
Sucuoğlu, Haluk (2009-07-01)
A generalized pushover analysis procedure is developed for estimating the inelastic seismic response of structures under earthquake ground excitations. The procedure comprises applying a generalized force vector to the structure in an incremental form with increasing amplitude until a prescribed seismic demand is attained. A generalized force vector is expressed as a combination of modal forces, and simulates the instantaneous force distribution acting on the system when a given interstory drift reaches its...
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