Electricity market in Turkey – 2011



Electricity Price Modelling for Turkey
Yildirim, Miray Hanim; Ozmen, Ayse; TÜRKER BAYRAK, ÖZLEM; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (2011-09-02)
This paper presents customized models to predict next-day's electricity price in short-term periods for Turkey's electricity market. Turkey's electricity market is evolving from a centralized approach to a competitive market. Fluctuations in the electricity consumption show that there are three periods; day, peak, and night. The approach proposed here is based on robust and continuous optimization techniques, which ensures achieving the optimum electricity price to minimize error in periodic price predictio...
Electricity Consumption Behaviors and Clustering of Distribution Grids in Terms of Demand Response
Cetinkaya, Umit; Avcı, Ezgi; BAYINDIR, RAMAZAN (2022-01-01)
Knowing of energy consumption behaviors and similarities between consumers becomes extremely important for electric power systems operators to apply green energy trends by ensuring the stability and flexibility of the grid. Especially in the modern power systems and the energy markets, consumer-based market structures must be implemented. Consumer types, energy needs, and demand behaviors of the distribution grid can affect cumulatively the demand behavior of the full electricity system. Thus, understanding...
Electricity Trading
Sevaioğlu, Osman(2011)
Basic structure of liberalized electrical markets, principles of deregulation, competition and market architecture, market power, wholesale trading, risk management, bilateral and multilateral contracts, hedging, eligible customers, national and cost based tariffs, price cap and revenue cap techniques, stranded costs, balancing and settlement task, spare-reserve capacity, marginal costs, quality of electricity, conditions for quality, retail wheeling, regulation of retail prices, demand management, regulati...
Electricity market liberalization in the EU-15 member states, new entrants and candidate countries : measuring the progress between 1999 and 2001
Erişken, Cevat; Ege, Aylin; Department of European Studies (2004)
Measuring the progress of the Member States of the European Union in liberalising their electricity markets has received considerable importance since the Electricity Directive 96/92/EC is introduced. In this thesis, first, a model based on the indicators-approach proposed by OXERA is developed to measure the degree of liberalisation in electricity markets. Then, the degree of electricity market liberalisation in the European Union-15, the New Entrants and Candidate Countries is measured in the years 1999, ...
Electricity consumption and economic growth nexus in Zimbabwe revisited: fresh evidence from Maki cointegration
Samu, Remember; Bekun, Festus Victor; Fahrioglu, Murat (2019-05-28)
This study explores the relationship between electricity consumption, real gross domestic product per capita and carbon dioxide emissions in Zimbabwe. To achieve this, the study set off by examining the stationarity properties of the variables under review with the Zivot-Andrews (1992) unit root test that accounts for a single structural break. Subsequently, Maki (2012) cointegration test, which accounts for multiple structural breaks, is applied for equilibrium relationship between the variables under revi...
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