Global Literature and ‘Cultural Authenticity’

Comparative Cultural Studies Conference (2018)


Global Processes and Local Consequences of Decentralization: A Sub-national Comparison in Mexico
Topal Yılmaz, Aylin (2015-07-03)
Topal A. Global processes and local consequences of decentralization: a sub-national comparison in Mexico, Regional Studies. This paper argues that through decentralization policies, the imperatives of neoliberal rules of competition have been diffused into the local level, generating different development patterns depending upon characteristics of the local economy and its insertion into global processes. Therefore, implications of decentralization policies can be analysed by focusing on prevailing local e...
Global Governance and Domestic Politics: Fragmented Visions
Ergun Özbolat, Ayça (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005-07-01)
Global governance is mostly studied as a top-down project. The meaning of the concept is analyzed and investigated from the perspective of a designated concept of the “global.” Such investigations focus rightfully on questions such as “How is the global defined?” “What does it replace?” “How valid is it?” “What and whom does it favor?” or more affirmatively, “How does it work?” and “How can it be done better?” In this chapter, we aim to alter the order of the investigation by focusing on how this influentia...
Global tendencies, local implications : the role of international organizations in the West Bank and Gaza, 1993-2003
Tezel, Aslıhan; Tür Küçükkaya, Özlem; Department of Middle East Studies (2007)
This thesis analyses the role of international organizations in the West Bank and Gaza. The role of international organizations is discussed within the larger framework of global governance. In light of the theories on global transformation, the renewed role for international organizations as the agents of global governance is introduced within the Palestinian context. With a focus on the complex relationship between domestic and international actors, the role of international organizations as the promoters...
Global aging and barriers to the provision of mental health services for older adults A cross cultural perspective
Siviş Çetinkaya, Rahşan; C S, Mccrae; Demir, Ayhan Gürbüz (2003-01-01)
Global dynamics, domestic coalitions and a reactive state: Major policy shifts in post-war Turkish economic development
Öniş , Ziya; Şenses, Fikret (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Ankara, Turkey), 2007-12-1)
The main objective of this study is to propose an analytical framework to explain the major policy shifts that has characterized post-war Turkish economic development; divided into four phases, starting respectively in 1950, 1960, 1980, and 2001. Its main contribution is to incorporate external and internal factors into this framework within a broadly political economy perspective, attaching particular significance to the role of economic crises in moving from one phase to the other. While the role of exter...
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