Synthesis of Lysine Based Poly ester urethane and Investigation of BMSC on Micropatterned Polymer Films



Synthesis of Brooker's merocyanine derivatives and their application as a sensor of hydrogen sulfide
Tekir, Şafak; Özçubukçu, Salih; Department of Chemistry (2022-1)
Brooker's merocyanine has some unique features related to its color properties. Its facile synthesis and derivatization broaden the applications in various areas. Since it can be modified with various functional groups, it can be applied as a sensor with necessary recognition modules. In this thesis, Brooker's merocyanine derivatives were designed and 10 different derivatives were synthesized for their application as sensor of hydrogen sulfide. Nitro and azide derivatives were tried to be reduced by hydroge...
Synthesis of conducting polymers of terepthalic acid bis-(2-thiophen-3-yl-ethyl)ester and investigation of their electrochromic properties
Coşkun, Yelda; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Department of Chemistry (2004)
Terepthalic acid bis-(2-thiophen-3-yl-ethyl)ester (TATE) was synthesized through the reaction of 2-thiophen-3-yl-ethanol and terepthaloyl chloride. Electrochemical behavior of the TATE and TATE in the presence of thiophene were studied by cyclic voltammetry (CV). The chemical structure of monomer is characterized via Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). Homopolymer of TATE was synthesized by galvanostatic and potentiostatic methods, and copolymeri...
Synthesis of tempo containing chiral polymers for kinetic resolution of secondary alcohols.
Yücel, Ece Ayç; Akdağ, Akın; Department of Chemistry (2020)
Optically pure secondary alcohols are important building blocks for the synthesis of chemicals used in pharmaceutical sciences. Kinetic resolution of secondary alcohols through selective oxidation of one enantiomer to the corresponding ketone is a classical and efficient method to obtain enantiopure alcohols. An oxidative kinetic resolution is achieved by exploiting two enantiomers’ unequal rates of oxidation reaction with a chiral reagent or catalyst. The general approach towards a kinetic resolution via a...
Synthesis of mesoporous catalysts and their performance in pyrolysis of polyethylene
Aydemir, Buğçe; Sezgi, Naime Aslı; Department of Chemical Engineering (2010)
Plastic materials are widely used throughout the world due to their low prices and easy processing methods. A serious problem of environmental pollution is brought with the widespread use of these materials due to their non-biodegradabilty. For this reason, plastic materials are degraded into lower molecular weight liquid and gaseous products which are potential raw materials and fuels for petrochemical industry. The use of catalysts enhances the formation of more valuable hydrocarbons at lower reaction tem...
Synthesis of selenium-incorporated alpha-tricalcium phosphate and evaluation of its cement-type reactivity
Baştuğ Azer, Bersu; Durucan, Caner; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2019)
In the case of bone defects and damages synthetic bone grafts have been widely used for filling the damaged parts. Alpha-tricalcium phosphate (α-TCP) is an attractive calcium orthophosphate as replacement of hard tissues. It converts from powder form to hardened apatite, by cement-type reaction in aqueous solutions, which is therefore a promising hard bone tissue analog and clinically used in bone defect filling operations. In this concept adding therapeutic function to the hardened cement products is an ad...
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