Negotiating teaching as a career at a rural elementary school

Başer, Zeynep
Karaman, Abdullah Cendel


Negotiating Identities Use of Prayer Beads in Turkish Everyday
Tönük Kruıthof, Damla (2012-09-11)
Negotiating parent care among siblings
Con, Gülçin; Kalaycıoğlu, Hediye Sibel; Department of Sociology (2013)
This study aims to examine the arrangements of parent care by adult children. To understand how adult children divide and negotiate parent care tasks and responsibilities among themselves, an analysis based on not only interactions among siblings but also on some structural factors such as gender, socioeconomic status (SES) and family composition is employed. The care arrangements are expected to vary in different sibling groups depending on SES and family composition differences. In line with this expectat...
Exploring Non Native English Teachers Professional Development Practices
Korkmazgil, Sibel; Seferoğlu, Gölge (2013-01-01)
One-shot professional development activities designed and accomplished without considering teachers’ needs are generally reported to fail to lead to long-lasting changes in terms of teacher growth and learning. Therefore, professional development programs need to be based on the immediate needs of teachers, and designed and directed with teachers’ input. In this regard, this study aims to investigate a group of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers’ professional development practices in Turkey in ord...
Evaluating rentier theory and resource curse theory: The case of the Libyan Civil War
Aslan, Nur; Saurin, Julian; Political Science and International Relations (2014-2)
This thesis seeks to explain the causes of the 2011 internationalised Libyan civil war and the collapse of the Qadhafi regime. But its primary purpose is to evaluate the usefulness of two neglected sets of theory, namely rentier state theory and resource curse theory, in the explanation of civil war and international intervention. Rentier state theory holds that control and distribution of natural resource revenues is crucial for state power, but that rentier states are fragile and inflexible in the long ru...
Negotiating Gatekeepers and Positionality in Building trust for Accessing the Urban Poor in the Global South
Ergun Özbolat, Ayça (2018-02-01)
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