Firmanın teslim ettigˆi makinaların teknik s¸artnameye uygunlugˆu



Effects of some behavioral properties of firms on firm innovation capability: an Empirical study on micro and small sized software firms in ODTÜ Teknokent
Utku Ünal, Ezgi; Çilingir, Canan; Department of Industrial Engineering (2015)
Today, innovation has great importance in the improvement and having continuance of organizations. In the competitive economy of global world, the only way for organizations to gain advantage against their rivals is to make innovation continuous. In this study, the effects of some behavioral properties of companies such as organizational climate, shared vision, transformational leadership and knowledge sharing on the perceived innovation capability of the company is investigated through a questionnaire whic...
An approach to achieve design recommendations for interior elements of urban railway transport with regard to user perception of semantic dimensions
Turhan, Mehmet; Hasdoğan, Mehmet; Department of Industrial Design (2008)
Although, the literature reveals that coach interior designs have been emphasized as an important factor determining their competitiveness in the market and the quality of an interior design can be effectively improved by using information about passenger expectations, few practical studies exist to assess the urban railway transport interiors from the passengers’ perspective. Consequently, designers lack reliable criteria to guide their decisions which would satisfy users. In this study, it is intended to ...
Firm level absorptive capacity and the success of international technology transfer: the case of aerospace industry in Turkey
Seçkin, Başar; Erdil, Erkan; Dikmen Toker, İrem; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2015)
This dissertation aims to figure out the relation between firm level absorptive capacity (AC) and the success of international technology transfer (ITT). Additionally, effects of determinants on the success of ITT other than firm level AC are examined. The research is focused on aerospace industry in Turkey by considering the transferee country’s point of view, as well as the developing country perspective. Thesis research stands at a position to answer the question of “what forms AC” in a holistic way. In ...
Ankara Garı ve Çevresi
Altan, Tomris Elvan (2016-12-18)
The contribution of user-centered design to consumer packages
Kesercioğlu, Burçin; Erbuğ, Çiğdem; Department of Industrial Design (2005)
End-users often complain about usability and safety problems in consumer packages. This study shows that these issues are an obstacle to the achievement of user satisfaction and to gain a competitive advantage in the market. To this end, a case study on food and beverage packages was done in order to identify and analyze these usability and safety problems based on the lifetime phases of packages in which end-users are involved. The study revealed that safety, clarity, legibility, visibility, storability, o...
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