Design of weak rock slope at BLI open pit lignite mine in Turkey

In this study, critical considerations and the results of a slope stability analysis of Sagirlar Sector (SA-5 panel) of Orhaneli open pit lignite mine, which belongs to Bursa Lignite Establishment of the Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKI) are presented. The stability analyses were carried out in four different directions of the proposed pit both to decrease the stripping amount and to protect the probable damage to the adjesent Altıntaş village. Numerical modeling with 2D limit equilibrium analysis was employed to find maximum safe slope angles in different parts of the SA-5 panel. In numerical analysis, both circular failure and non-circular failure options were considered. The southern and southwestern slopes which bounded by the basin border and contact zone of the seam were appear to be critical in the region. Thus a failure with a composite surface may occur and southern slopes may be safe with a safety berm and overall slope angle of 22 degree. The southwestern slopes of the panel adjacent to the Altintas Village should be safe with an overall slope angle of 24 degree and and should be extended to the fault. The northern slopes were appear to be less critical than the southern slopes. However, the heights of them were much more than those in the southern part.
Int.Symp.on Mine planning and Equipment selection (MPES 20) , Beijing, China (2008)


Assessment of rock slope stability along the proposed Ankara-Pozanti autoroad in Turkey
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Two and three dimensional analysis of a slope failure in a lignite mine
Tutluoğlu, Levend; Karpuz, Celal (2011-02-01)
With about 9.3 billion tons of reserve, lignite is a major source for energy production in Turkey. The Afsin-Elbistan lignite basin, containing 47% of the overall lignite reserve in Turkey, lies in the Afsin and Elbistan districts as a part of Kahramanmaras. The new Collolar opencast mine is in the Afsin-Elbistan lignite basin, and this mine will be the second mining activity in the basin after the active Kislakoy opencast mine. The new mine will meet the coal consumption of the Elbistan B power plant. Inpu...
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The objective of this paper is to predict the stresses around the tail and main gates of Soma Eynez underground coal mine, located in Western part of Turkey. In the studied mine, the magnitude and the direction of stresses around the gateways frequently change due to a planned mining method, which is a combination of a fully mechanized traditional longwall and longwall top coal caving (LTCC) methods. In the mine, a 30-35 m thick coal seam is going to be produced by three slices. The upper slice will be prod...
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