Main Rotor - Tail Rotor Interactional Noise

Atalay, Mehmet Melih
Şenipek, Murat
Yücekayalı, Arda
Özyörük, Yusuf
In this paper, effects of main rotor – tail rotor interactions on noise characteristics are investigated for a typical 10 ton class helicopter. Evaluations are performed at hover and quartering flight conditions with top-forward, topforward with 10o of cant angle, and bottom-forward configurations. Isolated tail rotor analyses are also carried out for interaction off conditions for comparison purposes. Main-tail rotor combined full helicopter trim calculations are done for interaction on conditions using CHARM, providing time-dependent pressure and blade position data, and then aerodynamic noise signatures are computed with in-house acoustic code, TACO, Interaction effects on the blade loads and performance are investigated, and acoustic signatures at various observer locations are estimated and compared for hover and quartering flight condition.
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M. M. Atalay, M. Şenipek, A. Yücekayalı, and Y. Özyörük, “Main Rotor - Tail Rotor Interactional Noise,” presented at the 8th Asian/Australian Rotorcraft Forum (30 Ekim - 02 Kasım 2019), Ankara, Turkey, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: