“Stephen Pericles Ladas and the Making of the Master Narrative of the 1923 Greco-Turkish Exchange of Populations,”



“Chain” of populism from the democrat party to the justice and development party in Turkey
Kıvrak Köroğlu, Esin; Ayata, Ayşe; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2016)
This dissertation analyses the relationship between populism and democracy in Turkey from the perspective of Laclau’s theory on populism, focusing on the Democrat Party and the Justice and Development Party as illustrative cases. As the framework that Laclau developed to the end of studying the phenomenon of populism takes discourse analysis as its methodology, this dissertation addresses the discourse of democracy adopted by the Democrat Party and the Justice and Development Party. The cases of these two p...
”Strong” Indefiniteness and Topicality
Özge, Umut (null; 2013-01-01)
The paper addresses the relation between “strong” or presuppositional readings of indefinite noun phrases and the notion of topicality in its sentential and discourse-level formulations. Previous discussions of the issue were generally based on the interpretative properties of indefinite noun phrases at positions associated with topicality (e.g. subject of an individual-level predicate, within the antecedent of a conditional). The paper aims to contribute to the debate with data from Turkish, which overtly ...
”Marietza”: An Example of Catherine Maria Sedgwick’s Depiction of the ”Other” in Her Books for Children
Gürsel, Bahar (2020-01-01)
Catherine Maria Sedgwick (1789–1867), one of the most significant masterminds of nineteenth-century American literature, was regarded by her national and international contemporaries as a prominent and influential writer. Her first novel, A New-England Tale was published in 1822 and was followed by five other books including her most popular work, Hope Leslie (1827). In addition to two biographies, she wrote numerous short stories some of which were aimed at children, and Sedgwick was keen to ensure they we...
“Successful teaching”: Neoliberal influences and emerging counter-narratives
Çiftçi, Emrullah Yasin; Karaman, Abdullah Cendel (Routledge, London/New York , 2021-05-01)
Having emerged as a theory of political economy that prioritized free market philosophy and self-interested individuals, neoliberalism also influences humans’ interpretations of social realities which are often situated within inequalities in various forms. The educational sphere is one important domain that has been targeted by constructions of neoliberal common sense. With an emphasis on the urgency of competing in the so-called ‘(global) knowledge economy’, learners of neoliberal age are directed towards...
“Surprised and Dazzled with the Beauty of the Sultan’s Capital”: Depoliticization and Dehistoricization of Culture in Demetra Vaka-Brown’s Haremlik: Some Pages from the Life of Turkish Women
Öztabak Avcı, Elif (2017-01-01)
n this paper, Demetra Vaka-Brown’s representation of “Turkish women” in her personal narrative, Haremlik (1909), after her re-encounter with them at the beginning of the twentieth century will be explored. It will be argued that the writer’s hold on her (cultural) identity as a GreekOttoman woman does not serve a “political” function despite her claim to the contrary; through Haremlik, Vaka-Brown attempts to write her own (personal) (hi)story rather than a collective story of “Turkish women” at the beginnin...
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