Combinatorial Development of Metal Hydrides for Thermal Coupling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Sarı, Doğancan
Pişkin, Fatih
Volodymyr, Yartys
Kuru, Yener
Kalay, Yunus Eren
Öztürk, Tayfur


Combinatorial Development of Thin Film La0.8Sr0.2CoO3-δ /(La0.5Sr0.5)2CoO4 Cathode Materials for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Sarı, Doğancan; Torunoğlu, Ziya Çağrı; Kalay, Yunus Eren; Öztürk, Tayfur (null; 2017-09-26)
Combinatorial development of LSC-113/LSC-214 cathode materials for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Sarı, Doğancan; Öztürk, Tayfur; Kalay, Yunus Eren; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2017)
Solid oxide fuel cells are environmentally friendly, efficient and fuel versatile energy conversion devices which suffer from high operating temperatures. For lowering the operating temperatures of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), LSC-113/LSC-214 composite cathodes have recently attracted much attention due to their enhanced kinetics. However, the full potential of this novel system is still unknown. In this study, a combinatorial approach was used to develop cathode materials which would reduce operating tem...
Combinatorial development of LSF-based cathode materials for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Kılıç, Fahrettin; Öztürk, Tayfur; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2021-6)
This thesis focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and processing of LSF based composite cathode for solid oxide fuel cells. The cathode comprises three oxides; LSM, LSF and ScSZ which are synthesized by co-sputtering using combinatorial approach. The electrolyte was Scandia doped Zirconia(ScSZ), as it has attractive ionic conductivity at lower temperatures. Having chosen the electrolyte ScSZ as electrolyte. After detailed analysis with regard to conductivity and thermal expansion for each oxide, the c...
Combinatorial Tau pseudophosphorylation: markedly different regulatory effects on microtubule assembly and dynamic instability than the sum of the individual parts.
Kiriş, Erkan; Sargin, ME; Gaylord, MR; Altinok, A; Rose, K; Manjunath, BS; Jordan, MA; Wilson, L; Feinstein, SC (American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (ASBMB), 2011-04-22)
Tau is a multiply phosphorylated protein that is essential for the development and maintenance of the nervous system. Errors in Tau action are associated with Alzheimer disease and related dementias. A huge literature has led to the widely held notion that aberrant Tau hyperphosphorylation is central to these disorders. Unfortunately, our mechanistic understanding of the functional effects of combinatorial Tau phosphorylation remains minimal. Here, we generated four singly pseudophosphorylated Tau proteins ...
Combinatorial study of hydrogen storage alloys
Ölmez, Rabia; Öztürk, Tayfur; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2009)
A combinatorial study was carried out for hydrogen storage alloys which involve processes similar to those normally used in their fabrication. The study utilized a single sample of combined elemental (or compound) powders which were milled and consolidated into a bulk form and subsequently deformed to heavy strains. Material library was obtained in a post annealing treatment carried out at elevated temperatures which brings about solid state reactions between the powders yielding equilibrium phases in the r...
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D. Sarı, F. Pişkin, Y. Volodymyr, Y. Kuru, Y. E. Kalay, and T. Öztürk, “Combinatorial Development of Metal Hydrides for Thermal Coupling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells,” Amerika Birleşik Devletleri, 2016, p. 75, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: