A Survey on TacticalControl Algorithms for Path Tracking Unmanned Surface Vehicles



A Survey on Tactical Control Algorithms for Path Tracking Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Kumru, Murat; Leblebicioğlu, Mehmet Kemal (2016-11-15)
In this study, a survey on control allocation algorithms in tactical level control for path tracking unmanned surface vehicles (USV) is conducted. The strategic goal in the path tracking problem is to assist navigation solution of an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). USV with the help of its onboard acoustic sensors, tracks UUV according to constant bearing guidance rule. The survey on tactical controllers comprises comparisons of tracking performances of USVs under proportional-integral-derivative, pole p...
A comparative study on tightly coupled visual aided inertial navigation systems for unmanned aerial vehicles
İnce, Talha; Saranlı, Afşar; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
An Inertial Navigation System (INS) is a combination of hardware (accelerometers and gyroscopes) and algorithms to calculate the position, orientation and velocity of a mobile platform. Because of the need to integrate the measurements over time, INS is subjected to cumulative error characteristics, hence cannot provide an accurate navigation solution over long durations. Global Positioning System (GPS) is often used for long time-long distance problems aiding INS. GPS relies on external signals received fr...
A survey on piecewise-linear models of regulatory dynamical systems
Öktem, Hüseyin Avni (Elsevier BV, 2005-11-01)
Recent developments in understanding the various regulatory systems, especially the developments in biology and genomics, stimulated an interest in modelling such systems. Hybrid systems, originally developed for process control applications, provide advances in modelling such systems. A particular class of hybrid systems which are relatively simpler to analyze mathematically but still capable of demonstrating the essential features of many non-linear dynamical systems is piecewise-linear systems. Implement...
A Study on sparse array configurations for ultra-wideband imaging applications
Çetin, Beyzat Talat; Alatan, Lale; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
The increased number of terror attacks and crimes have grown a demand for enhancing public security systems. In this sense reliable, cost effective, fast and physically non-hazardous imaging systems should be designed. Multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO)arrayswithultra-wideband(UWB)technologyoffersgreatadvantageousfor shortrangeimagingapplicationssuchasconcealedweapondetection(CWD).Inthis thesis, it is aimed to develop a design tool for MIMO array structures to be used in UWB, near-field (NF) imaging applica...
A Survey on Deep Learning-based Architectures for Semantic Segmentation on 2D Images
Ülkü, İrem; Akagündüz, Erdem (2022-02-01)
Semantic segmentation is the pixel-wise labeling of an image. Boosted by the extraordinary ability of convolutional neural networks (CNN) in creating semantic, high-level and hierarchical image features; several deep learning-based 2D semantic segmentation approaches have been proposed within the last decade. In this survey, we mainly focus on the recent scientific developments in semantic segmentation, specifically on deep learning-based methods using 2D images. We started with an analysis of the public im...
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