Çetin, Semih
N İlker, Altıntaş
Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.
Doğru, Ali Hikmet
Tüfekçi, Özgür
Selma, Süloğlu


Legacy migration to Service-Oriented Computing with mashups
Cetin, Semih; Altintas, N. Ilker; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.; Doğru, Ali Hikmet; Tufekci, Ozgur; Süloğlu, Selma (2007-01-01)
Although Service-Oriented Computing holds great promises, it is still not clear when and how the existing systems will exploit this new computational model. The problem is particularly severe for the software having several years of use. This work provides a roadmap for the migration of legacy software to Service-Oriented Computing by means of right levels of abstraction. The key idea is having integration even at the presentation layer, not only at backend layers such as application or data. This requires ...
Retrospective adaptive prefetching for interactive Web GIS applications
Yesilmurat, Serdar; İşler, Veysi (2012-07-01)
A major task of a Web GIS (Geographic Information Systems) system is to transfer map data to client applications over the Internet, which may be too costly. To improve this inefficient process, various solutions are available. Caching the responses of the requests on the client side is the most commonly implemented solution. However, this method may not be adequate by itself. Besides caching the responses, predicting the next possible requests from a client and updating the cache with responses for those re...
Flexible querying using structural and event based multimodal video data model
Oztarak, Hakan; Yazıcı, Adnan (2006-01-01)
Investments on multimedia technology enable us to store many more reflections of the real world in digital world as videos so that we carry a lot of information to the digital world directly. In order to store and efficiently query this information, a video database system (VDBS) is necessary. We propose a structural, event based and multimodal (SEBM) video data model which supports three different modalities that are visual, auditory and textual modalities for VDBSs and we can dissolve these three modaliti...
Hybrid cdn p2p architecture for multimedia streaming
Öztoprak, Kasım; Atalay, Mehmet Volkan; Department of Computer Engineering (2008)
In this thesis, the problems caused by peer behavior in peer-to-peer (P2P) video streaming is investigated. First, peer behaviors are modeled using two dimensional continuous time markov chains to investigate the reliability of P2P video streaming systems. Then a metric is proposed to evaluate the dynamic behavior and evolution of P2P overlay network. Next, a hybrid geographical location-time and interest based clustering algorithm is proposed to improve the success ratio and reduce the delivery time of req...
Flexible querying in an intelligent object-oriented database environment
Koyuncu, M; Yazıcı, Adnan; George, R (2000-10-28)
Many new-generation database applications demand intelligent information management necessitating efficient interactions between database gr. knowledge bases and the users. In this study we discuss evaluation of imprecise queries in an intelligent object-oriented database environment, IFOOD. A flexible query evaluation mechanism, capable of handling different data types including complex and imprecise data and knowledge is presented and key language issues are addressed.
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