When is the retired more satisfied? A multilevel analysis across 43 countries.

Ok, Afife Başak
Toker, Yonca
Annual Conference of SIOP, (2018)


When should we dispatch trucks with unreliable transit times?
Erkip, N; Yano, CA (1996-06-25)
We consider a situation where each of several customers has deterministic demands, in each of several periods in the future, for a single bulk good. The supplier ships this good using trucks, with each truck carrying a full load. Transit times are affected by weather, the conditions of the roads, and other non-controllable factors. We study the problem of how many trucks to dispatch to a given customer in each time period with the goal of minimizing the total expected cost of procurement, inventory holding ...
When will high school defend its science education against University?
Sonmez, Murat (2011-10-30)
Since the entrance of the graduates of technical high schools to engineering programs is hindered, in application, graduates of general or science high schools are only accepted into engineering education. For these students, four years are not sufficient to teach the basic and the related application courses of the profession. Looking at the existing curriculum of mechanical engineering, it can be seen that in the 1st Year, the physics and chemistry courses repeat the content of the ones given in high scho...
When do drivers conform? When do they deviate?
Demir, Sila; DEMİR, BAŞAR; Özkan, Türker (Elsevier BV, 2018-04-01)
Traditional and dominant social influence strategies based on group research aim to motivate people towards compliance with the group norm for behaviours in general and in traffic in particular. Yet, deviance and dissent have the potential to motivate people towards action against group norm, as well. The deviance regulation theory (DRT) proposes that an individual might choose to deviate from the group norm to express his/her uniqueness. In addition, according to the normative conflict model, an individual...
How did information technology become instrumental to the liberal critique of industrial capitalism?
Ökem, Mekin Mustafa Kemal; Kaya, Raşit; Department of Political and Administrative Sciences (1996)
What is the motivation difference between university students and high school students?
Tüysüz, Mustafa; Yildiran, Demet; Demirci, Nilgun (2010-02-08)
Recent years, it has been seen that affective variables are needed to be considered for better science learning. One of the valuable affective variables is the motivation. Motivation itself is an important factor that increases students' achievement. Because of this finding, in this study motivation of students in high school and in universities are investigated to compare how the students' motivation is changing when they choose a science area for studying in the universities. It was found that university ...
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