Hava Aracı İpoteği

The main type of movable mortgage is a mandatory delivery mortgage. Other types of movable mortgage appear as exceptions to the mandatory mortgage. In order to prevent some of the inconveniences that are due to the delivery, the movable mortgage that does not require delivery has been created. These include animal mortgage, mining mortgage, movable property mortgage, ship mortgage and aircraft mortgage. These types of mortgages are referred to as registered movable mortgages. In the registered movable mortgages, there is a certainty about the mortgage by recording to special registers. Aircraft mortgage is a type of mortgage whose topic is the air vehicles and is regulated by Turkish Civil Aviation Law (TCAL) articles between 69-84. According to TCAL article 65, although aircrafts are regulated as movable goods, they are subject to differences in relation to any movable good, as they are not often subject to transactions related to the transfer or restriction of ownership due to their economic value and the volume they cover. In this study, the concept, subject, legal nature, establishment, provisions and termination of the aircraft mortgage were examined and compared with other types of mortgages.
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Default and prepayment risk management using option based mortgage contract pricing method
Yılmaz, Bilgi; Kestel, Sevtap Ayşe (null; 2018-09-11)
Mortgage is an important factor in real estate business. The deals done based on the long-term investments, consider real estates as an option to secure the future investments, such as in life insurance, pension savings and reverse mortgage agreements. This study aims pricing a mortgage contract based on the modeling on a financial instrument. It consists of two main parts: (i) The option based mortgage contract pricing is introduced using a two-state bivariate diffusion stochastic model which has two impor...
Computation of Hedging Coefficients for Mortgage Default and Prepayment Options: Malliavin Calculus Approach
YILMAZ, BİLGİ; Kestel, Sevtap Ayşe (2019-11-01)
This study explores the hedging coefficients of the financial options to default and to prepay embedded into mortgage contracts based on the change in spot rate, underlying house price and its volatility. In the computations, the finite-dimensional Malliavin calculus is applied since the distribution of both options is unknown and their payoffs are non-differentiable. Naturally, the hedging coefficients are obtained as a product of option's payoff and an independent weight, which permits the user to derive ...
Default risk of wage-indexed payment mortgage in Turkey
Erol, Işıl; Patel, K (2005-09-01)
This paper analyses default risk of wage-indexed payment mortgage (WIPM) in Turkey in comparison with other standard mortgage contracts originated in high inflationary economies. Emlak Bank launched WIPM linked to Civil Service employees' wage (CSW) index during high inflationary period of late 1990s. Concurrently, the government introduced a policy linking CSW index to semi-annual expected rate of inflation in an attempt to facilitate housing finance for the fastest growing sector of the population. We fin...
Turkish mortgage market: an assessment of its potential and riskiness
Kutlukaya, Mahmut; Voyvoda, Ebru; Erol, Işıl; Department of Economics (2015)
This thesis is the first attempt to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the Turkish mortgage market in terms its potential within the European region, the main risks of mortgage termination through default and prepayment decisions of the borrowers, and finally the current mortgage market policies applied by the national policy makers. The present research, firstly, uses a macroeconomic perspective and investigates the development potential or the depth of the Turkish market in comparison with 31 European ...
A threshold cointegration analysis of interest rate pass-through to UK mortgage rates
Becker, Ralf; Osborn, Denise R.; Yıldırım Kasap, Dilem (2012-11-01)
This paper empirically analyses the interest rate transmission mechanism in the United Kingdom by exploring the pass-through of the official rate to the money market rate and of the market rate to the mortgage rate. Potential asymmetries, due to financial market conditions and monetary policy, lead to the use of a nonlinear threshold error-correction model, with hypothesis tests based on nonstandard bootstrap procedures that take into account the discrete nature of changes in the official rate. The empirica...
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