Hava Aracı İpoteği

The main type of movable mortgage is a mandatory delivery mortgage. Other types of movable mortgage appear as exceptions to the mandatory mortgage. In order to prevent some of the inconveniences that are due to the delivery, the movable mortgage that does not require delivery has been created. These include animal mortgage, mining mortgage, movable property mortgage, ship mortgage and aircraft mortgage. These types of mortgages are referred to as registered movable mortgages. In the registered movable mortgages, there is a certainty about the mortgage by recording to special registers. Aircraft mortgage is a type of mortgage whose topic is the air vehicles and is regulated by Turkish Civil Aviation Law (TCAL) articles between 69-84. According to TCAL article 65, although aircrafts are regulated as movable goods, they are subject to differences in relation to any movable good, as they are not often subject to transactions related to the transfer or restriction of ownership due to their economic value and the volume they cover. In this study, the concept, subject, legal nature, establishment, provisions and termination of the aircraft mortgage were examined and compared with other types of mortgages.
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