Underwriter Reputation and IPO Performance A Reevaluation for an Emerging Market



Underwriter Reputation and IPO Performance A Reevaluation for a Emerging Market
Güner, Zehra Nuray; Danışoğlu, Seza (null; 1999-09-11)
Underwriter Reputation and IPO Returns A Re Evaluation for an Emerging Market 3
Danışoğlu, Seza; Güner, Zehra Nuray (null; 2004-05-01)
Underwriter Reputation and Short Run IPO Returns Evidence from an Emerging Market
Danışoğlu, Seza; Güner, Zehra Nuray (null; 2000-09-01)
This study examines the effect of underwriter reputation on the initial-day IPO returns in an emerging market. It uses both a traditional and an extended model given the characteristics of the IPO market under analysis. The results from the traditional model indicate that underwriter reputation does not affect the initial day IPO returns. However, after controlling for factors that are important in determining the price of an IPO in an emerging market, a complex relationship between underwriter reputation m...
Overconfidence and bubbles in experimental asset markets
Şahin, Serkan; Küçükkaya, Halit Engin; Yılmaz, Özlem; Department of Business Administration (2013)
The aim of this study is to investigate uncertainty levels of industries and explore those financial ratios that have the highest information content in determining the set of industry characteristics and use the most informative ratios selected in developing industry specific financial distress models. First, we employ factor analysis to determine the set of ratios that are most informative in specified industries. Second, we use entropy method as a Multiple Attribute Decision Making Model, to measure the ...
Understading Financial Innovation An Evolutionary Post Keynesian Approach
Cömert, Hasan (null; 2013-05-27)
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