Kinetic Studies for CVD of Boron in an Impinging Jet Reactor

Sezgi, Naime Aslı
Hö, Ozbelge
5th World Congress of Chemical Engineering Technologies Critical to a Changing World


Kinetic studies for boron carbide formation in a dual impinging-jet reactor
Noyan-Dilek, S; Ozbelge, HO; Sezgi, Naime Aslı; Dogu, T (2001-02-07)
The chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of boron carbide was investigated on a tungsten substrate from a gas mixture of BCl3, H-2, and CH4 in a dual impinging-jet reactor that was connected to an FT-IR spectrometer for on-line analysis of the reactor effluent stream. During CVD of boron carbide, the formation of BHCl2 was experimentally verified, and beta -rhombohedral B4C was formed. Conversion to boron carbide was found to increase with an increase in the BCl3/CH4 ratio. However, conversion to dichloroborane ...
Kinetic analysis of DSC and thermogravimetry data for combustion of lignite
Kök, Mustafa Verşan (1996-06-01)
Thermal analysis increasingly being used to obtain kinetic data relating to sample decomposition. This work involves a comparative study of several methods used to analyse DSC and TG/DTG data obtained on the oxidation of Beypazari lignite. A general computer program was developed and the methods are compared with regard to their accuracy and the ease of interpretation of the kinetics of thermal decomposition. For this study, the ratio method was regarded as the preferred method, because it permits the estim...
Kinetic analysis of dual impellers on methane hydrate formation
Longinos, Sotirios Nik; Parlaktuna, Mahmut (2021-02-01)
This study investigates the effects of types of impellers and baffles onmethane hydrate formation. Induction time, water conversion to hydrates (hydrate yield), hydrate formation rate and hydrate productivity are components that were estimated. The initial hydrate formation rate is generally higher with the use of Ruston turbine (RT) with higher values 28.93x10(-8)mol/s inRT/RT with full baffle (FB) experiment, but the decline rate of hydrate formation was also high compared to up-pumping pitched blade turb...
Kinetic analysis of in situ combustion processes with thermogravimetric and differential thermogravimetric analysis and reaction tube experiments
Kök, Mustafa Verşan (1995-01-01)
This research comprises the determination of kinetic parameters of in situ combustion processes by reaction tube and thermal (thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)/differential thermogravimetric analysis (DTGA)) experiments. A previously developed laboratory model and a Du Pont 9900 thermalanalyzer unit were used to run the experiments. Three reaction regions for combustion of crude oil in porous media were observed in the reaction tube and TGA/DTGA experiments and are defined as low temperature oxidation, fuel ...
Kinetic Studies of Boron Carbide Formation by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Noyan, Dilek; Hö, Özbelge; Dogu, T; Sezgi, Naime Aslı (null; 1999-03-09)
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