The Anadolu OSB Management Building



The Anadolu OSB Management Building
Savaş Sargın, Ayşen (2018-06-01)
The Kerkenes Eco center a show case for appropriate housing and sustainable development in rural Turkey
Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira; Matthieu, Pedergnana (2015-09-09)
A fast developing country, Turkey faces many challenges including an urgent need for sustainable economic development in rural and remote areas. Villagers in Central Anatolia, where climatic conditions are typified by very cold winters and hot, sunny and dry summers, are migrating to cities where they seek a more comfortable life style. Thus village economies have worsened and buildings have been abandoned. The Kerkenes Eco‐Center, located on the edge of Şahmuratlı Village in central Anatolia, was founded i...
The welding technology and non-destructive testing centre of the Middle East Technical University
Ankara, A; Doyum, Ahmet Bülent (1998-09-01)
The Isbank Skyscraper: The Modern Office Block in Turkey
Altan, Tomris Elvan (2004-09-26)
The Istanbul Palace of Sports and Exhibition Turkey s Past and Progress on Display
Altan, Tomris Elvan (2016-12-01)
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