Presentation of Wrist Motion Characteristics Using the Axis of Rotation

Lahroodı, Mahmood
Konukseven, Erhan İlhan
Since the motion of wrist is almost pure rotation, spherical coordinate system is a compatible reference frame for analyzing the motion of wrist. Kinematically, human wrist can be modeled by 3DOF (FE, RUD, PS) manipulator with 2DOF (FE, RUD) in universal-like joint of wrist and additional DOF (PS) which comes from forearm[1]. Dynamically, it is shown that passive wrist stiffness is dominant dynamic of wrist [1] and depends nonlinearly on the position of wrist [2]. The present study shows that similar to passive stiffness, level of wrist noise depends on the position as well. For modeling the noise of wrist, we have studied the variation of Axis Of Rotation (AOR). Behavior of AOR not only depends on noise but also the biomechanical properties of wrist [3]. The results of experiment imply that fast changes of AOR is most probably because of internal noise (in actuation and sensing) and systematic patterns produced intentionally according to the dynamic of task and wrist.
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M. Lahroodı and E. İ. Konukseven, “Presentation of Wrist Motion Characteristics Using the Axis of Rotation,” 2015, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: