Preparing an Instruction with respect to key dimensions of ESD Practical examples



Preparing Future PETE Faculty for the Better Outcome Findings of an Action Research
İnce, Mustafa Levent (2015-10-28)
Evaluating the presentation skills course for the management students at Başkent University
Vatanartıran, Sinem; Koç, Sabri; Department of English Language Education (1999)
Preparing Pre-service English Language Teachers for Classroom Realities: Strengthening Their Competence in Instructional Materials
Tekir, Serpil; Akar, Hanife (Ani Publishing and Consulting Company, 2020-01-01)
Purpose: English as Foreign Language (EFL) teachers tend to demonstrate low literacy levels in instructional materials and feel unprepared to use materials effectively. To better prepare pre-service EFL teachers for real classrooms that they will teach Upon graduation, current K-12 teachers can provide significant insights into the needed competences of prospective teachers. With this purpose, the study aimed to investigate the competences in utilizing instructional materials needed by EFL teachers to becom...
Designing a constructivist vocabulary learning material
Daloğlu, Ayşegül; Yıldırım, İbrahim Soner (Information Science Reference, 2009-01-01)
This chapter outlines how the constructivist approach can be implemented in Web-based vocabulary teaching, characteristics of effective Web-based vocabulary teaching materials, and a model for effective Web-based vocabulary teaching and recycling. In WEBVOCLE which stands for Web-Based Vocabulary Learning, contextual presentation of the words has been enriched with audible vocabulary and repeated with interactive exercises, games, and puzzles in 'spaced revisions' in a constructivist Web-supported environme...
Preparing Perform and Impact Ready Instructional Leaders for Improving Urban School Success
Yavuz, Olcay; Gülmez, Gülçin (2018-07-01)
In an effort to develop and support high quality urban school leaders, this study examined what factors affect pre-service urban school leaders' perception of preparedness for performing instructional leadership activities. The findings revealed that participating in a leadership training program is the only significant factor that predicts urban educators' scores on instructional leadership readiness measures. By examining perception of preparedness of aspiring urban school leaders the findings contribute ...
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