A Molten Salt Electrolysis Procedure to Form Al-Sc Alloys


A simple synthesis of 1-aminophosphonic acids from 1-hydroxyiminophosphonates with NaBH4 in the presence of transition metal compounds
Demir, AS; Tanyeli, Cihangir; Sesenoglu, O; Demic, S; Evin, OO (1996-01-15)
A new procedure has been developed for the synthesis of 1-aminophosphonic acids. Diethyl phosphonates are converted to hydroxyiminophosphonates when treated with hydroxylamine hydrochloride. Reduction of hydroxyiminophosphonates with NaBH4 in MeOH in the presence of MoO3 or NiCl2 and hydrolysis of 1- aminophosphonates gave 1-aminophosphonic acids in good yield.
A new soluble neutral state black electrochromic copolymer via a donor-acceptor approach
Icli, Merve; Pamuk, Melek; Algi, Fatih; Önal, Ahmet Muhtar; CİHANER, ATİLLA (Elsevier BV, 2010-07-01)
Two donor-acceptor systems, 2-decyl-4,7-bis(3,3-didecyl-3,4-dihydro-2H-thieno[3,4-b][1,4]dioxepin-6-yl)-2H-benzo[d][1,2,3]triazole (1) and 4,7-bis(3,3-didecyl-3,4-dihydro-2H-thieno[3,4-b][1,4]dioxepin-6-yl)-2,1,3-benzoselenadiazole (2) are explored in order to attain a low bandgap black polymer electrochrome, which is highly difficult to attain due to the complexity of designing such materials. Electrochemical polymerization of 1 and 2 in 1:4 monomer feed ratio was performed in a mixture of acetonitrile and...
A fabrication-oriented remeshing method for auxetic pattern extraction
Mert, Levend Mehmet; Yaman, Ulaş; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, 2020-01-01)
We propose a method for extracting auxetic patterns from meshes for fabrication by modifying the existing mesh primitives directly and fully automatically. This direct approach is novel in the sense that most of the fabrication-oriented surface tiling methods introduce additional primitives, such as curve networks in an interactive semiautomatic framework. Our method is based on a remeshing procedure that converts a given quad mesh with arbitrary topology into our desired structure that is ready to be fabri...
A Pulse Voltage Application in Electrochemical Reduction of Solid CaWO4 Powder
Goksu, Orhan Gokce; ERDOĞAN, METEHAN; Karakaya, İshak (The Electrochemical Society, 2016-09-01)
Scheelite is the most abundant mineral of tungsten, but wolframite is used more than scheelite due to easier dissolution in alkaline solutions used in present processing methods. An alternative method based on electrochemical reduction of CaWO4 by direct current applications in molten salt solutions was recently reported. Pulse voltage and constant voltage reduction mechanisms were compared and an optimization of reduction kinetics was achieved in this study. The results have shown that faster reduction rat...
A Pulse Voltage Application in Electrochemical Reduction of Solid CaWO4 Powder
Karakaya, İshak; Göksu, Gökçe (null; 2016-05-29)
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Ç. Polat, M. Erdoğan, and İ. Karakaya, “A Molten Salt Electrolysis Procedure to Form Al-Sc Alloys,” 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: http://ma.ecsdl.org/content/MA2017-01/46/2084.abstract?sid=5bb57317-ca3f-4b39-9bd6-c66d3e8d6d11.