Turkey and the Russian Federation: Towards a Mutual Understanding?



Turkey and the European Union in the Middle East: Reconciling or Competing with Each Other?
Kahraman, Sevilay (2011-01-01)
Focusing on the Turkish Middle Eastern foreign policy from the perspective of European Union (EU)-Turkey relations, this paper argues that Turkey's recent activism and attractiveness in the region is attributable to its dual reform and accession process both of which are tied to the EU's anchoring role and leverage over the country. Turkey has self-consciously taken the advantage of its domestic transformation by emulating the EU in its own neighborhood policy. However, to the current stagnation of the acce...
Turkey and Turkic Nations: A Post-Cold War Analysis of Relations
Çınar, Süleyman Kürşat (Informa UK Limited, 2013-06-01)
Turkish foreign policy has experienced massive alterations after the end of Cold War. This has been most evident in Turkey's relations with Turkic nations in Central Asia and the Caucasus, all of which gained independence from the USSR. This article aims to provide a thorough analysis on this issue. First, the article explores the ethnicity concept and applies it to the relations between Turkey and Turkic nations. Then, it examines Turkey's relations with other regional and international powers, namely Russ...
Turkey and the European security and defence policy (ESDP): anatomy of a problematic relationship
Yıldız, Ali; Bağcı, Hüseyin; Department of International Relations (2002)
Turkey’s International Development Policy: A Challenge to Multilateral Development Cooperation?”,
Bahçecik, Şerif Onur (null; 2019-09-14)
Turkey and the Migration Crisis Domestic and Foreign Policy Implications
Altunışık, Meliha (2016-06-18)
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