Aeroelastik Tahminler için müşterek çalışma

Atik, Hediye
Baran, Özgür Uğraş
Tüzün, Aydın
Aeroelasticity studies consist of the interaction and energy transfer between the elastic structure of an aircraft and the aerodynamic loads acting on it during the flight. Aeroelastic effects have a major influence on the design and flight performance of an aircraft. Since subsonic transport and military aircrafts start to operate in transonic regime, determination of the effects of the coupling between aerodynamic loads and elastic forces became important. For high aspect ratio wings, aeroelastic behaviour is more critical since extreme structural deformations may reduce the cruise aerodynamic performance of the aircraft. Since the aerodynamic characteristics of the airplane are usually obtained on the rigid geometry, the real flight performances may deviate from the rigid design aerodynamic characteristics. Therefore, it is important to predict the aeroelastic effects on the aerodynamic performance. This Study Adds TUBİTAK SAGE efforts on the NATO-STO TR-AVT-203 program on aeroelastic predictions Joint exercise.
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H. Atik, Ö. U. Baran, and A. Tüzün, “Aeroelastik Tahminler için müşterek çalışma,” 2019, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: