Women in the Legislative



Women in Higher Education in Turkey: What Has Changed in 100 Years?
Çevik, Aylin; Hoşgör, Hatice Ayşe (2020-04-01)
In Turkey, women acquired the right to obtain higher education in 1914. Women’s demand for higher education, the increased number of high schools and the needs of teacher-training schools for girls led to an increase in the number of women in higher education over time. After the nation-building process in 1923, new universities were opened across the country and the number of women in higher education has increased from 22 (0.73%) (in 1914) to 3 675 986 (47.5%) (in 2018-2019). Within this framework, this p...
Women in engineering education in Turkey: Understanding the gendered distribution
Zengin-Arslan, B (2002-01-01)
The average percentage of female students in engineering departments in Turkey of 25% in 1998, allows its to argue that women are capable of representing themselves in this field to some extent. However, a detailed examination reveals that the distribution of female students in engineering departments is not even: they are more greatly represented in some departments than others. It can be argued therefore that women in Turkey have a reasonable opportunity of being represented in the field of engineering, w...
Women in the analysis of Peasant Differentiation
Jassal, Smita Tewari (Friedriche Ebert Stiftung India, 1997-01-01)
Women and herstory along the process of change and development: international policy approaches since 1970s
Ünaldı, Zeliha; Ertürk, Yakın; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (1997)
Women in management: Still waiting to be full members of the club
Sümer, Hayriye Canan (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2006-07-01)
The purpose of this study was first to explore the dimensionality of the ratings made for a successful middle manager using the Schein Descriptive Index (SDI) (Schein, 1973), and then to compare the ratings made for a successful middle manager, a women, and a man on the identified dimensions. Students (N=806) enrolled in psychology courses in a university in Ankara, Turkey rated the SDI adjectives to describe a woman, a man, or a successful middle manager. Three factors were identified that underlie the SDI...
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