Journal of Physics: Conference Series PAPER • THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE ISOPEN ACCESS Effects of freestream turbulence on the wake growth rate of a model wind turbine and a porous disc
Öztürk, Buğrahan; Hassanein, Abdelrahman; Akpolat, Tuğrul; Abdulrahim, Anas; Perçin, Mustafa; Uzol, Oğuz (2022-06-05)
This study presents the results of an experimental investigation that focuses on quantifying the differences between the spreading rates of a model wind turbine wake and a porous disc wake at different freestream turbulence intensity levels. Two-dimensional two-component particle image velocimetry (2D2C PIV) measurements are performed within the wakes of a model wind turbine and a porous disc (up to 7D downstream) of the same diameter and a matching thrust coefficient. The wind turbine is operated at a Tip ...
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