Effect of bar development methods on jacketed column behaviour

Yumak, Yuksel


Effect of hardening models on different ductile fracture criteria in sheet metal forming
Dizaji, Shahram Abbasnejad; Darendeliler, Haluk; KAFTANOĞLU, BİLGİN (2016-07-01)
Prediction of the fracture is one of the challenging issues which gains attention in sheet metal forming as numerical analyses are being extensively used to simulate the process. To have better results in predicting the sheet metal fracture, appropriate ductile fracture criterion (DFC), yield criterion and hardening rule should be chosen. In this study, the effects of different hardening models namely isotropic, kinematic and combined hardening rules on the various uncoupled ductile fracture criteria are in...
Effect of compatibilizers on the gas separation performance of polycarbonate membranes
Şen, Değer; Yılmaz, Levent; Kalıpçılar, Halil; Department of Chemical Engineering (2003)
In this study, the effect of compatibilizers on the gas separation performance of polycarbonate (PC) membranes was investigated. Membranes were prepared by solvent evaporation method. They were characterized by single gas permeability measurements of O2, N2, H2 and CO2 as well as scanning electron microscopy (SEM), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and Fourier transform infrared spectrometry (FTIR). Membranes containing 0.5 to 10 w% p-nitroaniline (pNA) were prepared to study the effect of compatibili...
Effect of metallurgical factors on efficiency of aluminum-zinc-indium sacrificial anodes
Safaei, Shahrokh; Doruk, Mustafa; Department of Metallurgical Engineering (1993)
Effect of High-Density Nanoparticles on Recrystallization and Texture Evolution in Ferritic Alloys
Aydoğan Güngör, Eda; Carvajal-Nunez, Ursula; Vogel, Sven C.; Li, Meimei; Maloy, Stuart A. (MDPI AG, 2019-03-01)
Ferritic alloys are important for nuclear reactor applications due to their microstructural stability, corrosion resistance, and favorable mechanical properties. Nanostructured ferritic alloys having a high density of Y-Ti-O rich nano-oxides (NOs < 5 nm) are found to be extremely stable at high temperatures up to similar to 1100 degrees C. This study serves to understand the effect of a high density of nano-particles on texture evolution and recrystallization mechanisms in ferritic alloys of 14YWT (14Cr-3W-...
Effect of fused deposition modeling process parameters on the mechanical properties of recycled polyethylene terephthalate parts
Bakir, Ali Alperen; Atik, Resul; Özerinç, Sezer (Wiley, 2020-08-01)
Fused deposition modeling (FDM) filaments made of recycled materials are desirable for environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing of prototypes and load-bearing components in many applications. We investigate the effect of FDM process parameters on the mechanical properties of 3D-printed parts made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) filaments. Increasing the nozzle temperature from 230 degrees C to 260 degrees C improves the strength of the specimens by 100%. Using a raster orientatio...
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Y. Yumak, “Effect of bar development methods on jacketed column behaviour,” Middle East Technical University, 1991.