Silver nanowire coated heatable textiles



Silver Nanowire Coated Hetable Textiles
Doğanay, Doğa; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah (2016-05-24)
Commercially used heatable textiles are generally consisting of solid metal wire like copper and stainless steel. However, this kind of textiles is easily breakdown after repeated bending cycles. Coating with nanomaterials are started to investigate to overcome this problem. As a one dimensional (1-D) nanomaterial, multi wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) have been used as conductive material [1]. Slow thermal response, due to low thermal conductivity of MWCNT between the walls is a problem. In that manner, meta...
Silver nanowire decorated heatable textiles
Doğanay, Doğa; Genlik, Sevim Polat; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah (IOP Publishing, 2016-10-28)
The modification of insulating fabrics with electrically conductive nanomaterials has opened up a novel application field. With the help of Joule heating mechanism, conductive fabrics can be used as mobile heaters. In this work, heatable textiles are fabricated using silver nanowires (Ag NWs). Cotton fabrics are decorated with polyol synthesized Ag NWs via a simple dip-and-dry method. The time-dependent thermal response of the fabrics under different applied voltages is investigated. It is found that the fa...
Silver nanowire inks for fabrics
Güven, Merve Nur; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Department of Chemistry (2019)
Conductive inks are used extensively in electronic devices like sensors, batteries, photovoltaic devices, antenna and organic light emitting diodes. These inks typically made from silver. Wearable technology is another industry which requires inks to be flexible. These devices need low temperature cured silver pastes. Low temperature pastes typically make use of silver nanoparticles. These pastes have some problems with sintering and substrate adhesion. In this thesis, to overcome these problems, silver nan...
Silver nanowire-decorated glass fiber filters for bacteria removal from water
Bahçelioğlu, Ecem; Ergüder Bayramoğlu, Tuba Hande.; Department of Environmental Engineering (2019)
Investigation of a new, low-cost, safe and highly efficient water disinfection alternative to conventional methods has prime importance. This study aims to develop silver nanowire decorated glass fiber (AgNW-GF) filters for the removal of E. coli from water. This study is one of the first studies to fabricate a novel AgNW-GF filter and to investigate its use for point-of-use (POU) water disinfection. To this purpose, effect of flow rate, AgNW loading and influent E. coli concentration on the removal efficie...
Silver Nanowire Heaters on Glass and Textiles
Coşkun, Şahin; Ergün, Orçun; Doğanay, Doğa; Polat Genlik, Sevim; Yusufoğlu, Yusuf; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah (2017-12-31)
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