English Teacher Opinions on Research Engagement for Professional Development A Multiple Case Study of Teachers With and Without Teacher Research

Karakaya, Nuriye
Savaş, Perihan


English instructors' professional development need areas and predictors of professional development needs
Eksi, Gul; Çapa Aydın, Yeşim (2012-05-12)
This study aimed to identify English instructors' professional development needs and to examine the role of years of teaching experience, workload, department of graduation, and instructors' perceptions of professional development programs in predicting professional development needs. The instructors were asked to indicate their degree of need in various areas of professional development via a questionnaire. The total scores for each area were calculated to identify the areas in which the degree of need was...
English teachers’ perceptions of the middle school English language curriculum
Kaya, Suat; Ok, Ahmet (2020-06-01)
In this study, which utilized survey as the research design, it was aimed tofind out the teachers’ perceptions of the middle school English languagecurriculum which was developed in 2012 and revised in 2016. Targetpopulation of this study included all teachers working in Turkish publicmiddle schools in Ankara, while the sample was composed of 349 teachersselected through clustered sampling method. A questionnaire developed bythe researchers was used as data collection instrument. Findings revealedthat many ...
English for Specific Purposes Instruction and Research: Current Practices, Challenges and Innovations
Işık, Elvan Eda (Palgrave Macmillan, London , 2020-01-01)
English Language Preservice Teachers\u2019 Stages of Concern for Web 2.0 Technology Integration
Kayaduman, Halil; Delialioğlu, Ömer (2021-06-01)
This study explores the English Language preservice teachers (PST)’ stages of concern (SoC) for Web 2.0 technology integration in the Learning Technology by Design (LBD) based course. It aims to identify and better understand PSTs’ concerns. Understanding the concerns has advantages of describing and addressing the needs of PSTs prior to actual in-service experiences. SoC model, a component of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model, was used as the theoretical framework. An embedded mixed methods design was impl...
English language teachers’ perceptions of differentiated instruction at a foundation school in Turkey: A case study
Tokatlı, Esma; Gündüz, Müge; Department of English Language Teaching (2022-12)
Process of learning a new language can be a challenging journey shaped by various differences students bring into the classrooms. This situation can pave the way for adopting the differentiated instruction approach. Since teachers are the ones managing the process of differentiated instruction, they hold a significant place as stakeholders. Therefore, this case study aims to investigate the ways the instruction is differentiated in English lessons in a private middle school in Ankara and how the teachers pe...
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