State of Art Review of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement Part II: Compaction Methodology and Field Applications

Şengün, Emin
Aykutlu, Mehmet Ali
Yaman, İsmail Özgür
Cimento ve Beton Dunyasi


Şengün, Emin; Aykutlu, Mehmet Ali; Yaman, İsmail Özgür (2017-11-01)
State of the art in roller compacted concrete (RCC) dams: design and construction
Söğüt, Serdar; Arıcı, Yalın; Binici, Barış; Department of Civil Engineering (2014)
Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) appeared as a feasible new type of construction material for concrete gravity dams. RCC became very popular rapidly all over the world due to its low cost and fast deployment and is used for various purposes, including the construction of new dams, pavements, highways and the rehabilitation of existing dams. The primary purpose of this study is to investigate wide range of practice in RCC dam construction with a focus on the material properties. The material properties of a r...
Practical Realization of Magnetic Resonance Conductivity Tensor Imaging (MRCTI)
DEĞİRMENCİ, EVREN; Eyüboğlu, Behçet Murat (2013-03-01)
Magnetic resonance conductivity tensor imaging (MRCTI) is an emerging modality which reconstructs images of anisotropic conductivity distribution within a volume conductor. Images are reconstructed based on magnetic flux density distribution induced by an externally applied probing current, together with a resultant surface potential value. The induced magnetic flux density distribution is measured using magnetic resonance current density imaging techniques. In this study, MRCTI data acquisition is experime...
Practical Methods for Wireless Network Coding With Multiple Unicast Transmissions
Aktas, Tugcan; Yılmaz, Ali Özgür; AKTAŞ, EMRE (2013-03-01)
We propose a simple yet effective wireless network coding and decoding technique for a multiple unicast network. It utilizes spatial diversity through cooperation between nodes which carry out distributed encoding operations dictated by generator matrices of linear block codes. In order to exemplify the technique, we make use of greedy codes over the binary field and show that the arbitrary diversity orders can be flexibly assigned to nodes. Furthermore, we present the optimal detection rule for the given m...
Optimum design of flexible multibody systems with dynamic behavior constraints
Ider, SK; Oral, Süha (1996-01-01)
A methodology is presented for the optimum design of high-speed multibody systems under time-dependent stress and displacement constraints by mathematical programming. Finite elements are used in the modeling of the flexible links. The design variables are the sectional properties of the elements. The time dependence of the constraints is removed through the use oi equivalent constraints based on the most critical constraints. It is shown that this approach yields a better design than using equivalent const...
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E. Şengün, M. A. Aykutlu, and İ. Ö. Yaman, “State of Art Review of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement Part II: Compaction Methodology and Field Applications,” Cimento ve Beton Dunyasi, pp. 60–78, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: