Hydrodynamic characteristics of fine zeolite particles in a conical spout fluid bed with a draft tube

Nasirimarekani, Vahid
Karabiyik, A G
Köksal, Murat
Külah, Görkem


Hydrodynamics of Conical Spouted Beds With High Density Particles
Sari, Salih; Polat, Aylin; Zaglanmis, Dogukan; Külah, Görkem; Köksal, Murat (2008-05-01)
An extensive experimental investigation of conical spouted beds with high density particles were carried out by measuring bed pressure drop, particle velocity and solids hold-up in a 15 cm ID conical spouted bed at three different cone angles (30°, 45°, 60°) with Yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) particles (ρp = 6050 kg/m3 ). The results show that the minimum external spouting velocity increases with cone angle, particle diameter and static bed height. The bed is characterized by two regions: upward moving p...
Boş Bir Boru Sisteminde Değişken Akımlı Bir Su Kütlesinin Paketinin Hidrodinamiği
Bozkuş, Zafer (1995-01-01)
Liquid slugs (water pockets) are propelled into an empty pipe under various driving pressures; the pipe's extension ends at an elbow whereon the slugs impact and disintegrate. Dynamic pressures recorded at various locations along the system indicate the complex and somewhat random structure of the transient. High-speed movies of the evolving slug just prior to impact show that significant air entrainment and breakup of the slug occurs. A simplified analytical model is developed to predict the slug dynamics;...
Hydrodynamics of a pulsed bed reactor
Turgut, Funda; Eroğlu, İnci; Department of Chemical Engineering (1991)
Hydrodynamic and heat transfer characteristics of liquid—solid suspensions in horizontal turbulent pipe flow
Özbelge, Tuelay A.; Somer, Tarık (Elsevier BV, 1988-6)
Hydrodynamic and heat transfer characteristics of water—feldspar suspensions flowing in a horizontal copper pipe of 41.5 mm internal diameter have been investigated. Consistency (concentration) distributions of solid particles over a pipe cross-section for various operating condition Experimental results of the heat transfer study indicate that for a given liquid—solid suspension in turbulent flow, there exists a specific combinat consistency of around 0.01 volume fraction of solids for water—feldspar susp...
Hydrodynamic studies in an eccentric annulus for a non-mewtonian fluid.
Solmaz, Sabiha; Department of Chemical Engineering (1992)
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V. Nasirimarekani, A. G. Karabiyik, M. Köksal, and G. Külah, “Hydrodynamic characteristics of fine zeolite particles in a conical spout fluid bed with a draft tube,” 2014, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/75247.