On the way of transition: do teacher candidates gain necessary skills to be a teacher?

The European Conference on Educational Research (ECER), (7 - 11 Eylül 2015)


On the choice of transforms for data hiding in compressed video
Ramkumar, M; Akansu, AN; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın (1999-01-01)
We present an information-theoretic approach to obtain an estimate of the number of bits that can be hidden in compressed image sequences. We show how addition of the message signal in a suitable transform domain rather than the spatial domain can significantly increase the data hiding capacity. We compare the data hiding capacities achievable with different block transforms and show that the choice of the transform should depend on the robustness needed. While it is better to choose transforms with good en...
On the efficiency of authentication protocols, digital signatures and their applications in e-health: a top-down approach
Bıçakçı, Kemal; Baykal, Nazife; Department of Information Systems (2003)
Choosing an authentication protocol or a digital signature algorithm becomes more challenging when performance constraints are of concern. In this thesis, we discuss the possible options in a top-down approach and propose viable alternatives for the efficiency criteria. Before all the technical discussions, argue that identifying prerequisites, threats and risks on an organizational conthas utmost importance so that effective solutions can be delivered at a reasonable cost. For instance, one approach to sol...
On the Possibility of Autoxidation of TEX - A DFT Study
Türker, Burhan Lemi; Varis, Serhat (2015-02-01)
TEX is an explosive with interesting isowurtzitane cage structure. It exhibits successful explosion performance and good sensitivity. Herein, the tendency of TEX to form hydroperoxide structure under storage conditions was examined by density functional treatment. Additionally the possible decomposition products of the hydroperoxides were investigated. Moreover, the detonation performance values for TEX itself and two isomeric hydroperoxide derivatives were calculated. Detonation products and explosive powe...
On the independence of statistical randomness tests included in the NIST test suite
SULAK, FATİH; Uğuz, Muhiddin; Koçak, Onur Ozan; Doğanaksoy, Ali (2017-01-01)
Random numbers and random sequences are used to produce vital parts of cryptographic algorithms such as encryption keys and therefore the generation and evaluation of random sequences in terms of randomness are vital. Test suites consisting of a number of statistical randomness tests are used to detect the nonrandom characteristics of the sequences. Construction of a test suite is not an easy task. On one hand, the coverage of a suite should be wide; that is, it should compare the sequence under considerati...
On the Evolutionary Origin of Morality
Sakin Hanoğlu, Derya (2022-03-01)
In this study, I will approach morality from a naturalistic perspective and defend that morality is a product of evolutionary processes shared by both human and non-human animals rather than that of human culture. My naturalistic approach is based on simpler components instead of high-level cognitive capabilities such as cognition. Rationality, judgment, and free will are indeed presented as necessary for morality in classical definitions of morality. However, I will put forward that the roots of morality c...
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