Probabilistic bridge performance assessment, maintenance, monitoring and management



Probabilistic performance prediction modeling for bridges considering maintenance effects within a combined computation, visualization and programming environment
Akgül, Ferhat (2010-07-15)
Various models have been developed in recent past for lifetime performance prediction of bridges. Studies for developing new theoretical models and improvement of the existing ones are part of ongoing research in bridge deterioration and management. However, improvement of such theoretical models so that they can be practically implemented in bridge management systems is a challenging task. In order to achieve such task, newly developed models must be tested and further improved to achieve practicality. Lif...
Fragility Based Assessment of the Structural Deficiencies in Turkish RC Frame Structures
Ay, Bekir Özer; Erberik, Murat Altuğ (null; 2006-09-08)
Low–rise and mid–rise reinforced concrete (RC) structures, which constitute approximately 75% of the total building stock in Turkey, are focused in this fragility–based assessment. The seismic design of three, five, seven and nine story RC frame structures are carried out according to the current earthquake codes and two dimensional analytical models are formed accordingly. The uncertainty in material variability is taken into account in the formation of structural simulations. Frame structures are categori...
Resilience and sustainable supply chain network design by considering renewable energy
Lotfi, Reza; Kargar, Bahareh; Hoseini, Seyed Hosein; Nazari, Sima; Safavi, Soroush; Weber, Gerhard-Wilhelm (2021-06-01)
Nowadays, using renewable energy (RE) is faster growing by each country. The managerial and designer of supply chain network design (SCND) have to plan to apply RE in pillars of supply chain (SC). This research indicates resilience and sustainable SCND by considering RE (RSSCNDRE) for the first time. A two-stage new robust stochastic optimization is embedded for RSSCNDRE. The first stage locates facility location and RE and the second stage defines flow quantity between SC components. We solve the model by ...
Dynamic stability of rubble-mound breakwaters
Karaoğlu, H Cemal; Ergin, Ayşen; Department of Civil Engineering (1990)
Fragility Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Frames Designed for Regions of Moderate Seismicity
Çelik, Ozan Cem (2006-09-03)
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