Time-dependent material behaviour of aged surface support liner

Güner, Doğukan
Öztürk, Hasan


Time-domain BEM solution of convection-diffusion-type MHD equations
Bozkaya, N.; Tezer, Münevver (Wiley, 2008-04-20)
The two-dimensional convection-diffusion-type equations are solved by using the boundary element method (BEM) based on the time-dependent fundamental solution. The emphasis is given on the solution of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) duct flow problems with arbitrary wall conductivity. The boundary and time integrals in the BEM formulation are computed numerically assuming constant variations of the unknowns on both the boundary elements and the time intervals. Then, the solution is advanced to the steady-state it...
Time-space fractional governing equations of transient groundwater flow in confined aquifers: Numerical investigation
Tu, Tongbi; Ercan, Ali; Kavvas, M. Levent (2018-05-01)
In order to model non-Fickian transport behaviour in groundwater aquifers, various forms of the time-space fractional advection-dispersion equation have been developed and used by several researchers in the last decade. The solute transport in groundwater aquifers in fractional time-space takes place by means of an underlying groundwater flow field. However, the governing equations for such groundwater flow in fractional time-space are yet to be developed in a comprehensive framework. In this study, a finit...
Time-related wettability characteristic of acrylic resin surfaces treated by glow discharge
Ozden, N; Akaltan, F; Suzer, S; Akovali, G (Elsevier BV, 1999-12-01)
Statement of problem. Adhesion and cohesion have important roles in denture retention, and attempts have been made to improve the wettability of the acrylic resin material by surface treatments.
Time evolution of the flow characteristics around bridge abutments during scouring process
Yıldız, Burhan; Köken, Mete; Göğüş, Mustafa; Department of Civil Engineering (2014)
This study involves numerical and experimental investigation of the velocity field and the time evolution of the scour pattern forming around bridge abutments. The experimental part of the study includes velocity field recordings by using an ADV device and eroded bed bathymetry measurements by an ultrasonic ranging system. Using the ADV measurements; the velocity components, the upstream part of the primary vortex and the change of downstream recirculation region dimensions by the change in abutment length,...
Time-Varying Linkage between Equities and Oil
Ordu Akkaya, Beyza Mina; Oran, Adil; Soytaş, Uğur (World Scientific Publishing, 2020-01-01)
This study examines the correlation structures between oil futures, the S&P 500 and US sectoral indices, using the Asymmetric DCC method. The results indicate that these correlations display time-varying and asymmetric characteristics. The potential effects of variousfactors, including copper and gold prices, dollar/euro exchange rate, T-bill rate and financial stress index on these dynamic correlations are also investigated. The dynamic links betweenoil and stock returns weaken in response to shocks in all...
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