Magnetic Monitoring of Nano-Sized Fe Precipitation in Ni50Al50-xFex Alloys



Magnetic monitoring approach to nanocrystallization kinetics in Fe-based bulk amorphous alloy
Duman, Nagehan; Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat; Mehrabov, Amdulla (2013-12-01)
Much of the recent metallic glass research is devoted to controlling the crystallization of amorphous precursors with the purpose of obtaining amorphous matrix nanocrystalline alloys which combine unmatched soft magnetic properties with good mechanical properties. Therefore, it is crucial to have better understanding of crystallization mechanisms and thermal dependence of nanocrystals that are formed by annealing. This study deals with the nanociystallization kinetics of Cu-modified Fe-Co-Ni-B-Si-Nb bulk am...
Magnetic monitoring approach to kinetics of phase transformations in multicomponent alloy systems
Duman, Nagehan; Mekhrabov, O. Mekhrabov; Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2012)
It is of great importance for a materials scientist both from fundamental and applicability aspects to have better understanding of solid-state phase transformations and its kinetics responsible for micro-/nano-structure development in alloys and corresponding physical and mechanical properties. Transformation kinetics can be analyzed by various experimental techniques such as thermal analysis, laborious electron microscopy combined with extensive image analysis or by measuring changes in electrical resisti...
Magnetic and electromagnetic characterization of barium hexaferrite ceramics and their polymer matrix composites /
Kaya, Seray; Dericioğlu, Arcan Fehmi; Öztürk, Abdullah; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2014)
In this study, BaHF-based polymer matrix composites were prepared as potential EM wave absorbing materials. Firstly, BaHF powders and platelets were synthesized by mixed oxide method and by molten salt synthesis (MSS) technique, respectively, which were further used as additives in the EM wave absorbing composites. The effect of molten salt composition on the amount of BaHF phase formation, as well as, on the morphology and magnetic properties of the final products were discussed according to the characteri...
Magnetic and Structural Analysis of a Transverse Flux Claw Pole Linear Machine
Keysan, Ozan; Mueller, Markus A. (2013-01-01)
This paper details the design and testing of a novel transverse flux claw pole linear machine suitable for large superconducting generators. The machine utilises a modular claw pole transducer design with a stationary field winding which eliminates the need for cryogenic couplers and electrical brushes for a superconducting machine. The results from this prototype will enable a better understanding of the electromagnetic and mechanical structures before embarking on a more costly super-conducting design. Th...
Magnetic properties of multiband U=infinity Hubbard model on anisotropic triangular and rectangular lattice strips
CHERANOVSKII, VO; Esentürk, Okan; PAMUK, HO (1998-11-01)
We study the dependence of the ground state spin of a multiband Hubbard model with infinite electron repulsion on anisotropic triangular and rectangular lattice strips on the model parameters. Considering the results of numerical calculations for the exact spectra of finite triangular lattice strips at different values of hopping integrals, we show the existence of a type of magnetic transitions with the jump of the ground state spin between minimal and maximal values. This transition is found only for spec...
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