Misunderstanding Posthumanism: Is Cole Drumb’s PostHuman Really Posthuman?



Interpreting implicatures a study on upper-intermediate EFL students
Ergüven, Tamay; Zeyrek, Deniz; Department of English Language Teaching (2001)
Questioning agency and empowerment: Women's work-related strategies and social class in urban Turkey
Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut (2010-11-01)
This article investigates different trajectories of agency and empowerment in diverse "work-related strategies" employed by women of different social classes in Istanbul, Turkey. I define "work-related strategies" as actions developed to cope with the difficulties related to working or not working, employed by women both in and out of the labor force. Based on in-depth interviews I conducted with 60 women from working, middle, and upper classes, both within and outside the labor force in Istanbul, Turkey, I...
Reading/unfolding architectural form: an inquiry into the venice hospital project by Le Corbusier
Çınar, Sinem; Aközer, Emel; Department of Architecture (2005)
This study aims to discuss the generative possibilities of reading architectural form by focusing on selected interpretations of the Venice Hospital project by Le Corbusier. By presenting complementary and competing readings of the project, it examines different design strategies in the formal organization of the Venice Hospital. It shows that the Venice Hospital project, displaying the characteristics of both a أfieldؤ organization and a well-articulated object, demands a reconsideration of the occasionall...
Questioning endurance through the interruptions on urban memory: Konak SSK Blocks
Karakaş, Bilge; Yılmaz, Ebru (2021-09-30)
Konak Square has been evolved for centuries and reached today’s spatial configuration, especially with surrounding administrative, institutional, cultural, and commercial structures obtained by architectural competitions between the 1950s and 1970s. SSK Blocks is one of these competition sites adjacent to Konak Square, where historical Yellow Barracks were located. Yellow Barracks were built in the 19th century to reinforce the administrative characteristics of Konak Square, representing the “westerniz...
Contradictory class locations in Turkey : an emprical approach
Aktaş, Ahmet Salih; Özcan, Yusuf Ziya; Department of Sociology (1999)
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