Optimum Designs For High Performance Micromachined Gyroscopes

Alper, Said Emre
Akın, Tayfun


Optimum design of feed structures for high G/T passive and active antenna arrays
Demir, S; Toker, Canan (1999-03-01)
In this work, noise analysis of parallel feed structures is presented. Signal and noise behavior of the feed structures are signified by the newly introduced concepts of "coherent' and "incoherent" impedance match of power-combining structures. It is also shown that a feed structure can be redesigned for low-noise operation without affecting the radiation characteristics. Optimum design of parallel feed structures for low-noise operation is explained, Also an optimum use of active elements in such structure...
Optimum design for low voltage distibution systems for residential areas.
Sevdik, Ilker; Department of Electrical Engineering (1975)
Optimum design of high-speed flexible robotic arms with dynamic behavior constraints
Oral, Süha (1997-10-01)
A methodology is presented for the optimum design of robotic arms under time-dependent stress and displacement constraints by using mathematical programming. Finite elements are used in the modeling of the flexible links. The design variables are the cross-sectional dimensions of the elements. The time dependence of the constraints is removed through the use of equivalent constraints based on the most critical constraints. It is shown that this approach yields a better design than using equivalent constrain...
Optimum QoS-Aware Beamformer Design for Full-Duplex Relay With Self-Energy Recycling
DEMİR, ÖZLEM TUĞFE; Tuncer, Temel Engin (2018-02-01)
In this letter, we introduce quality of service-aware beamformer design for full-duplex wireless-powered relay with self-energy recycling. In the first phase of communication, the information signal is transmitted from the source to the relay. In the second phase, the relay forwards this signal using beamforming while it harvests energy via self recycling and from the source. The aim is to satisfy the signal-to-noise ratio requirement of the destination with minimum transmission power from the relay's own b...
Hökelek, İsmail Harun; Güven, Ali Nezih; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2022-2-07)
There are many challenges associated with the integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) into the power system. Some of these challenges are determining the sizing of BESS and finding the optimum placement of these devices in the grid. The primary motivation of this study is to handle the placement and sizing problem of BESS. In the vast majority of studies, the optimum BESS locations have been found by calculating loss sensitivity factor (LSF) under peak load conditions. However, this approach wi...
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S. E. Alper and T. Akın, “Optimum Designs For High Performance Micromachined Gyroscopes,” 2002, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/76201.