Characterization of Lime Mortars and Plasters from The Erikli Church in Stratonikeia

Caner, Evin
Güney, Bilge Alp


Characterization of masonry mortars used in some Anatolian Seljuk monuments in Konya, Beyşehir and Akşehir
Tuncoku, S Sarp; Saltık, Emine Nevin; Bakırer, Ömür; Department of Architecture (2001)
Characterization of Emecik limestone figurines for provenance
Muşkara, Üftade; Ataman, Osman Yavuz; Tuna, Numan; Department of Archaeometry (2013)
Archaeometry, the collaboration of different disciplines with archaeology, has revealed some facts that could change our understanding of the past. Provenance studies should be among the primary topics in interdisciplinary archaeometric reseach. Provenance studies, determining the source of the archaeological materials, play an important role in the understanding and reconstruction of trade connections, and social, political and religious relationships of ancient societies. A group of limestone figurines da...
Characterization of Ankara meat packing plant wastewater and its treatment with a rotating biological contactor
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Characterization of airborne dust of return airways in oal mechanized longwall mine
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Characterization of bainitic and martensitic microstructures in bearing steels
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Bainitic transformations in steels is a well-known phenomenon for more than 60 years. However, in recent years, the lower bainite in high carbon steels gained importance due to their superior mechanical properties since bainitic transformation takes place at very low temperatures, i.e. 160°C -200 °C. In this study, the morphology and mechanical properties of lower bainite are studied after applying different heat treatment procedures. The study covers SAE 52100 grade bearing steel. The specimens are austeni...
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