Sabit hacme paralel yerleştirilen ve zorlanmış türbülanslı taşınımda hava ile soğutulan elektronik kartların optimum aralığı



Numerical simulation of non-reacting turbulent flows over a constant temperature solid surface in regression
Karaeren, Cenker; Albayrak, Kahraman; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2007)
In this study, an attempt is made to obtain convergent and stable solutions of the K-E turbulence model equations for non-reacting turbulent flows over an isothermal solid surface in regression. A physics based mathematical model is used to describe the flow and temperature field over the moving surface. The flow is assumed to be two-dimensional, unsteady, incompressible with boundary layer approximations. Parabolized form of the standard K-E equations is adopted to simulate turbulence in the flow. Regressi...
Sabit Kalınlıkta ve Sonlu Yapıların Zorlanmış Titreşimlerinin İncelenmesinde Yeni bir Analitik Yöntem
Yaman, Yavuz (null; 1984-10-01)
A Software for analysis of permanent magnet AC motors
Bulgan, Deniz; Ertan, Hulusi Bülent; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2014)
Nowadays permanent magnet motors became very popular in almost every area of industry such as automotive, aerospace and automation due to having higher efficiency, better torque-speed characteristics, longer life, higher dynamic response, higher torque per volume when compared to brushed DC and induction motors. These advantages made PM motors very essential and the need of design and analysis of PM motors became more important with the need of specialized applications. In this thesis, a previously develope...
Design of an autonomous landing control algorithm for a fixed wing UAV
Kargın, Volkan; Yavrucuk, İlkay; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2007)
This thesis concerns with the design and development of automatic flight controller strategies for the autonomous landing of fixed wing unmanned aircraft subject to severe environmental conditions. The Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) designed at the Middle East Technical University (METU) is used as the subject platform. In the first part of this thesis, a dynamic model of the TUAV is developed in FORTRAN environment. The dynamic model is used to establish the stability characteristics of the TUAV. ...
Flexible assembly line design problem with fixed number of workstations
Barutçuoğlu, Şirin; Azizoğlu, Meral; Department of Industrial Engineering (2009)
In this thesis, we study a Flexible Assembly Line Design problem. We assume the task times and equipment costs are correlated in the sense that for all tasks the cheaper equipment gives no smaller task time. Given the cycle time and number of workstations we aim to find the assignment of tasks and equipments to the workstations that minimizes the total equipment cost. We study a special case of the problem with identical task times. For the general case, we develop a branch and bound algorithm that uses pow...
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