Performance Of Steel Framed Buildings Equipped With Viscous Fluid Dampers Under Near-Fault Ground Motions With Directivity

Karalar, Memduh
Dicleli, Murat


Performance of perforated breakwaters constructed with geotextile tubes
Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet; Ergin, Ayşen (2006-12-01)
The coastal defense structures are constructed by various types of structural systems varying from traditional rubble mound types and concrete systems to more innovative systems. In recent applications the geotextile is used in some applications of coastal engineering a such as coastal erosion control or perforated breakwaters. The tubular concrete units can be prepared at site by using geotextile as formwork and construct a perforated structure by placing the tubes in a specified angle and spacing. The per...
Performance of modified thermoplastic poly(ether)ester elastomer in multilayer composites
Yaşar, Miray; Bayram, Göknur; Çelebi, Hande; Department of Chemical Engineering (2014)
Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) have extensive use of areas because of their unique structure due to having both hard and soft segments together in their structure. However, their disadvantages such as high cost of raw materials, low thermal stability and difficult processing in extrusion because of having low melting viscosity restrict their use in industrial applications. The main objective of this study is to modify multifunctional properties of one class of TPE, thermoplastic poly(ether)ester elastomer ...
Performance of an alkaline fuel cell with single or double layer electrodes
Han, E; Eroğlu, İnci; Turker, L (2000-02-01)
In the present research, the improvement of an alkaline fuel cell performance by changing the electrode structure and manufacturing method has been achieved by employing multilayer, Teflon-bonded gas diffusion type electrodes which were prepared by the rolling method. Active carbon or carbon black was used as the support material, platinum as the catalyst and nickel screen as the backing material. Double layer electrodes possessed the active and the diffusion layers on the backing layer. However, the single...
Performance of DOM and IDA with different angular discretization methods in 3-D absorbing-emitting-scattering media
Ozen, Guzide; Selçuk, Nevin (2013-03-01)
Predicted accuracy and computationally efficiency of Discrete Ordinates Method (DOM) and Improved Differential Approximation (IDA) were evaluated by applying both methods to cubical enclosure problems containing purely isotropically/linearly anisotropically scattering/absorbing-emitting-isotropically scattering medium and comparing their predictions with benchmark solutions available in the literature. Performances of DOM and IDA with S-8, S-10 and T-4 quadratures were assessed by comparing their prediction...
Performance of the nanosilica filled neat epoxy and carbon fiber filament wound composites
Sapancı, Erdal; Özkan, Necati; Department of Polymer Science and Technology (2019)
The main aim of this thesis was to investigate influences of nanosilica particle addition to epoxy resin matrices (systems) on the thermal and mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy-nanosilica composites. Nanosilica particles were used for increasing the matrix dependant mechanical properties of conventional composite materials with easy dispersion processes in matrix. In the first part of the thesis, nanosilica filled epoxy composites were prepared using both a probe type ultrasonic process...
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