Decision Making Strategies in Between the ‘Lease-Rent-Buy’ Options of Construction Machinery and Equipment Ownership Types



Decision making in tracking applications by using dempster-shafer theory /
Turhan, Hasan İhsan; Demirekler, Mübeccel; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2014)
The aim of this thesis is to study attribute data fusion and decision making for targets tracked by a sensor network consisting of several radars. As an application deciding both target class and identity are studied. Since only partial information is available, Dempster-Shafer theory is used for this application to assign and combine probability masses. In this study, we focus on the problems of basic probability assignment and decision/data fusion. Classification of air vehicles according to their type is...
Decision Making and the Price Setting Newsvendor: Experimental Evidence
KOCABIYIKOĞLU, AYŞE; GÖĞÜŞ, CELİLE ITIR; Gönül, Mustafa Sinan (Wiley, 2016-02-01)
We present an experimental study of the price-setting newsvendor problem, which extends the traditional framework by allowing the decision maker to determine both the selling price and the order quantity of a given item. We compare behavior under this model with two benchmark conditions where subjects have a single decision to make (price or quantity). We observe that subjects deviate from the theoretical benchmarks when they are tasked with a single decision. They also exhibit anchoring behavior, where the...
Decision making under uncertainty: factors influencing mate selection in a dating application simulation
Semchenko, Ayten Yeşim; Çakır, Murat Perit; Temürcü, Ceyhan; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2017)
Human social intentions are heavily influenced by their perceptions of others. In this study, the effect of perceived attractiveness is of particular interest. The purpose of this study is to explore the effect of perceived attractiveness on the likelihood of wanting to have sex and the likelihood of using condom among dating application users. In real dating application environments, there would be many uncontrolled variables (e.g., age, not/having common friends etc.) related to the profiles that the part...
Decision support system for Warfarin therapy management using Bayesian networks
Yet, Barbaros; Raharjo, Hendry; Lifvergren, Svante; Marsh, William; Bergman, Bo (2013-05-01)
Warfarin therapy is known as a complex process because of the variation in the patients' response. Failure to deal with such variation may lead to death as a result of thrombosis or bleeding. The possible sources of variation such as concomitant illnesses and drug interactions have to be investigated by the clinician in order to deal with the variation. This paper describes a decision support system (DSS) using Bayesian networks for assisting clinicians to make better decisions in Warfarin therapy managemen...
Decision-making process in Turkish foreign policy crises : the role of state institutions during Süleyman Demirel administrations
Kürkçü, Burak; Bağcı, Hüseyin; Department of International Relations (2019)
This study searches for the role of state institutions on political decision-making mechanism and leadership of Süleyman Demirel in Turkish foreign policy crises. Having been entrusted as the political decision-maker for forty years of Turkish political history, Demirel has been selected as a unique case because he served as prime minister in both Cold War and Post-Cold War periods, both in single-party government and coalition governments and also both as prime minister and president. By utilizing American...
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