A Comparative Assessment of the Black Sea Anchovy Stock Using Holistic Production and Analytical Age Structure Models



A comparative assessment of the Black Sea anchovystock by using holistic production and analytical agestructure models
Akkuş, Gizem; Gücü, Ali Cemal (null; 2017-10-01)
Akkuş, Gizem; Gücü , Ali Cemal; Department of Marine Biology and Fisheries (2016-10-10)
Economically the most important fish species in Turkey is the Black Sea anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus). It provides 60% of the total fish catch amongst all Turkish fisheries. However this precious resource has, so far, been exploited recklessly disregarding the consequences. Moreover, the reasons for the dramatic fluctuations in the quantity of anchovy landings over the years are poorly known. A sound management plan targeting maximum sustainable yield therefore necessitates scientifically proven stock as...
A comparative study of spectrophotometric and iodometric back titration methods for hydrogen sulfide determination in anoxic Black Sea waters
Gokmen, S; Romanov, AS; Basturk, O; Konovalov, SK (1997-06-19)
Iodometric Back Titration (IBT) and Spectrophotometric (SPM) determination are two commonly used methods for the determination of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentration in sea water. These two methods were applied in parallel for analysis of Black Sea anoxic waters and artificial solutions containing different H2S concentrations. The results of the SPM and IBT methods are in agreement when the HIS concentration in sea water is higher than 30 mu M and the precision of IBT is higher than that of SPM method. How...
A comparative genetic analysis of the subterranean termite genus Reticulitermes (Isoptera : Rhinotermitidae)
Austin, JW; Szalanski, AL; Uva, P; Bagneres, AG; Kence, Aykut (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2002-11-01)
DNA sequencing analysis of the mitochondrial DNA cytochrome oxidase H (COII) region was used to examine genetic variation in the termite genus Reticulitermes Holmgren. We examined 21 species and subspecies from three continents. Sequencing of a 677-bp region of a 780-bp amplicon from 41 individuals and from 17 sequences obtained from GenBank revealed 221 polymorphic sites within the genus. Tajima-Nei distances from species ranged from 0.9 to 12.7%, and parsimony and maximum likelihood analysis revealed seve...
A Comparative Study of AISC-360 and EC3 Strength Limit States
Topkaya, Cem (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2011-03-01)
A study has been undertaken to evaluate the similarities and differences between the steel building design specifications used in the United States and Europe. Expressions for nominal strength presented in the AISC-360 Specification and the Eurocode 3 Specification were compared for fundamental limit states. In particular, rules for cross-section classification, tension members, compression members, I-shaped members subjected to flexure, 1-shaped members subjected to shear, and fasteners were studied. Resul...
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