non-state actors and regional order



Non-governmental organizations and democratization in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan
Ataşer, Gökhan Alper; Ergun Özbolat, Ayça; Department of Sociology (2005)
This thesis analyzes the relationship between NGOs and the democratization process in post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan. The conditions shaping both the civil society and political development are analysed in the light of findings obtained through in-depth interviews with NGO leaders in Kyrgyzstan. Despite relative freedom for NGOs, civil society in Kyrgyzstan is still in its infancy. Soviet era conception of roles attributed to state and society still persist especially among the governmental officials and general po...
Non-functional requirements to architectural concerns: MML and NLP at crossroads
Gokyer, Gokhan; Cetin, Semih; Şener, Cevat; Yondem, Meltem T. (2008-01-01)
There has been no commonsense on how to identify problem domain concerns in architectural modeling of software systems. Even, there is no commonly accepted method for modeling the non-functional requirements (NFRs) effectively associated with the architectural aspects in the solution domain. This paper introduces the use of a Machine Learning (ML) method based on Support Vector Machines to relate NFRs to classified "architectural concerns" in an automated way. This method uses Natural Language Processing te...
Non-native student teachers' feelings of foreign language anxiety
Kunt, Naciye; Tum, Danyal Oztas (2010-02-08)
This study investigates the feelings of foreign language anxiety of student teachers studying in a teacher education program in North Cyprus. The Turkish version of Horwitz's (1986) Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale and a set of open-ended questions were administered. The results indicate that different levels of anxiety were measured and also various anxious responses to open-ended questions obtained. In the light of these findings, there is a need to support future language teachers to eliminate, o...
Non standard materialities tailored for soft and hard construction
Kızılcan, Egemen Berker (null; 2015-01-01)
Non-places as the new phenomena of contemporary architectural environments.
Sözer, Şebnem; Bilsel, Cana; Department of Architecture (2002)
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