28VDC Askeri Baradan Beslenen Yüksek Kazançlı 700VDC Çıkışlı ve Çıkışı Endüktörsüz Tam Köprü Kondansatör Şarjörünün Modellenmesi ve Benzetimi

Candan, Muhammed Yusuf
Kavak, Halil
Ankaralı, Mustafa Mert


2863 Sayılı KTVKK’nın Uluslararası Yasal Düzenlemeler Bağlamında Değerlendirilmesi
Kamacı, Ebru (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2014-12)
Conservation has been recognised as the “synthesis phase” of an on-going dialectical relationship between “the old/historic” and “the new/modern”. Here, the synthesis has been defined in a complex system wherein cultural, social, economic and environmental dynamics are operational at micro and macro scales. This is not a stable synthesis; on the contrary, it has been formulated and re-formulated continuously regarding the changes on the dynamics listed above. Law no 2863 on the Conservation of Cultural and ...
Design and implementation of a 130KW, 750VDC bidirectional PWM rectifier supplied from 400V, 50HZ grid
Pul, Tevfik; Ermiş, Muammer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2019)
Design of a 130kVA of all SiC MOSFET based voltage source three phase PWM rectifier was made in the scope of this thesis study. Power losses of SiC MOSFET and Si IGBT having same voltage and current ratings were analyzed. Selection criteria of all materials used in rectifier panel was explained in detail. Unity power factor operation, bidirectional power flow, pure sinusoidal line current, regulated and adjustable output voltage were achieved by applying Phase Lock Loop algorithm and Voltage Oriented Contro...
Efficient implementation of TMVP-based prime field multiplication and its applications to ECC
Taşkın, Halil Kemal; Cenk, Murat; Department of Cryptography (2019)
The need for faster and practical cryptography is a research topic for decades. For elliptic curve cryptography, which is proposed independently by Koblitz and Miller in 1985 as a more efficient alternative to RSA, the applications of it in real life started after 2000s. Today, most of the popular applications and protocols like Whatsapp, Signal, iOS, Android, TLS, SSH, Bitcoin etc. make use of elliptic curve cryptography. In this thesis, we present a new representation of finite field multiplication which ...
9Cr-1Mo yüksek sıcaklık çeliklerinin hibrit plazma ark kaynağı yöntemi ile kaynaklanabilirliği ve kaynaklı birleştirmelerinin mekanik tavırlarının geleneksel ark kaynağı yöntemi ile karşılaştırılması
Gür, Cemil Hakan; Tirkeş, Süha(2012-02-01)
Design, implementation and engineering aspects of 12-pulse TCR based SVC systems for voltage regulation
Parlak, Deniz; Ermiş, Muammer; Mutluer, H. Bilge; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2014)
Thyristor controlled reactor (TCR) based static VAr compensator (SVC) systems has various types with unique characteristics. Considering power system requirements, suitable compensator type should be chosen. In this thesis work, 12-pulse TCR based voltage regulation type SVC system is analyzed, simulated and implemented. Principles of operation, strong and weak points are discussed. The developed system has been implemented in order to solve voltage regulation problem in Dhurma (Saudi Arabia). According to ...
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