Spinel Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activities towards Water Oxidation



Silafluorene-based polymers for electrochromic and polymer solar cell applications
ERLIK, Ozan; UNLU, Naime A.; HIZALAN, Gonul; HACIOGLU, Serife O.; COMEZ, Seda; Yildiz, Esra D.; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Çırpan, Ali (Wiley, 2015-07-01)
In this study, four novel silafluorene (SiF) and benzotriazole (Btz) bearing conjugated polymers are synthesized. In the context of electrochemical and optical studies, these polymers are promising materials both for electrochromic device (ECD) and polymer solar cell (PSC) applications. All of the polymers are ambipolar (both p- and n-dopable) and multichromic. Electrochemistry experiments indicate that incorporation of selenophene instead of thiophene unit increases the HOMO energy level of the polymers. P...
Hızalan Özsoy, Gönül; Erlik, Ozan; Akbaşoğlu Ünlü, Naime; Özdemir Hacıoğlu, Şerife; Çömez, Seda; Yıldız, Dilber Esra; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Çırpan, Ali (2015-04-27)
Silica embedded cobalt(0) nanoclusters: Efficient, stable and cost effective catalyst for hydrogen generation from the hydrolysis of ammonia borane
Metin, Onder; Dinc, Melek; Eren, Zeynep Seda; Özkar, Saim (2011-09-01)
Cobalt(0) nanoclusters embedded in silica (Co@SiO2) were prepared by a facile two-step procedure. In the first step, the hydrogenphosphate anion (HPO42-) stabilized cobalt(0) nanoclusters were in situ generated from the reduction of cobalt(II) chloride during the hydrolysis of sodium borohydride (NaBH4) in the presence of stabilizer. Next, HPO42- anion-stabilized cobalt(0) nanoclusters were embedded in silica formed by in situ hydrolysis and condensation of tetraethylorthosilicate added as ethanol solution....
Dielectric relaxation studies of some linear, cross-linked and branched polymers.
Aras, Leyla; Baysal, Bahattin; Department of Chemistry (1979)
Colloidal CdSe Quantum Wells with Graded Shell Composition for Low-Threshold Amplified Spontaneous Emission and Highly Efficient Electroluminescence
Keleştemur, Yusuf; Anni, Marco; Yakunin, Sergii; De Giorgi, Maria Luisa; Kovalenko, Maksym V. (2019-12-01)
Semiconductor nanoplatelets (NPLs) have emerged as a very promising class of colloidal nanocrystals for light-emitting devices owing to their quantum-well-like electronic and optical characteristics. However, their lower photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) and limited stability have hampered the realization of their outstanding luminescent properties in device applications. Here, to address these deficiencies, we present a two-step synthetic approach that enables the synthesis of core/shell NPLs with pre...
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A. Çetin, A. M. Önal, and E. Nalbant Esentürk, “Spinel Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activities towards Water Oxidation,” 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/77288.