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SystemC implementation of a risc-based microcontroller architecture
Zengin, Salih; Aşkar, Murat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
Increasing the complexity of modern electronic systems leads to Electronic System Level (ESL) modeling concept, which supports hardware and software co-design and co-verification environment in a single framework. SystemC language, which is an IEEE approved electronic design standard for system design and verification processes, provides such an environment by supporting a wide range of abstraction levels from system-level to register-transfer level (RTL). In this thesis, two different models of a processor...
Didis, M. Gozde; Bas, Sinem; Erbaş, Ayhan Kürşat (2011-02-13)
This study examined 10th grade students' procedures for solving quadratic equations with one unknown. An open-ended test was designed and administered to 113 students in a high school in Antalya, Turkey. The data were analyzed in terms of the students' foci while they were answering the questions. The results revealed that factoring the quadratic equations was challenging to them, particularly when students experienced them in a different structure from what they were used to. Furthermore, although students...
Regulations and software evolution: An example from the military domain
Codur, K. Burak; Doğru, Ali Hikmet (2012-05-01)
In this article, the impact of regulatory changes on software development is assessed in the context of military standards. A previously conducted experiment incorporating three standards is further investigated for this purpose, outlining the characteristics of the evolution in standards and its effects. In addition to this experiment that was designed with projects conducted as graduate class work, a real project from the industry is utilized, to demonstrate the similar effects of the evolution as discove...
Discourse on human rights : representation of the idea in Turkish human right
Duduhacıoğlu, Başak; Rittersberger Tılıç, Helga İda; Department of Sociology (2012)
The main concern of this thesis is to analyze the transformation of domestic human rights discourse by looking at the shifting representations of the idea of human rights. The representation of the idea of human rights in ‘Turkey Human Rights Movement Conferences’ in different political contexts during the period 1998-2010 is evaluated with reference to three areas of literature on the idea of human rights and with a social constructionist perspective which begins with the proposition that ideas and practic...
Unequal error protection of SPIHT encoded image bit streams
Alatan, Abdullah Aydın; Akansu, A.N. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2000-6)
A derivative of the Set Partitioning into Hierarchical Trees (SPIHT) image coding method, which generates substreams with different error-resilience properties, is proposed. By dividing the image bit stream into three classes, substreams with different immunity properties are obtained. The unequal protection of these substreams with different channel coding rates improves the overall performance of the method against channel errors. Simulation results show the superiority of the proposed method over some of...
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