Facebook usage in terms of gender and romantic relationship status

Muyan, Mine
Sancak Aydın, Gökçe
Demir, Ayhan Gürbüz
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between frequency of Facebook usage, time spent on Facebook, and usage purposes of Facebook in terms of gender and romantic relationship status. A personal information sheet was applied to 435 students from different departments of Middle East Technical University. The results indicated that there were significant relationships between frequency of Facebook usage and time spent on Facebook, and purposes of Facebook usage (meeting new friends, contacting with old friends, communicating with friends, following photographs, videos, and notifications, sharing photographs, videos, and notifications) for both females and males whereas the purpose of playing games on Facebook was only significant for males. Participants who were single and who had a romantic relationship accessed Facebook more frequently and they spent more time on Facebook than the married participants. Male participants used Facebook with the purpose of meeting new friends more than females, and single participants used Facebook more for communicating with current friends, following Facebook, and sharing on Facebook than married participants. Also, participants who had a romantic relationship used Facebook more for playing games than singles. Findings and suggestions were discussed. Keywords: Frequency of Facebook usage, gender, romantic relationship status, time spent on Facebook, usage purposes of Facebook
AWERProcedia Information Technology & Computer Science


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